09 November 2010

T for Tuesday (Night)

So today we are beginning with a new column on the Blog, which is called "Tee for Tuesday" and it's about, how could it be different, about Tees like T-shirts. I will write about them now every week on Tuesday.

This week we are starting with a Tee I already got. My sister gave it to me as a present and I like it very much.
It's from a company called "worn by" and this T-shirt is worn by Rock and Roll, because it's from the Isle of Wight Festival of music, which was the symbol for Rock and Roll at that time.

Besides there is King Kong on the shirt and he is really rocking, isn't he?

My sister ordered this by urban outfitters together with a dress for herself. I hope now you are on fire for the next Tee post and wish you a nice week.

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