25 Mai 2013

Uncasual Thursday

 The other day I met a good friend of mine, who convinced me to start a project. His one is called "Uncasual Tuesday". He is working something with IT, that's why he doesn't have to dress up to go to work. Nevertheless he had some suits hanging in his closet, which never saw the daylight. So he got the idea of wearing them on tuesdays together with some work colleagues. Every Tuesday you can discover a new picture of him and his colleagues posing in a funny way on facebook.
He gave me the idea to have my own uncasual day, becaus in my opinion, we don't wear elegant clothes enough nowadays. 
My weekday happens to be on Thursday because it's the day I spent most of my time in university. So those are my starting photos. I was ill that's why it had to be really warm, too. 
By the way, I am trying to convince some of my fellow students to join me and maybe some day we will take funny pictures, too. Who knows. :)

P.S.: This is my new Sideboard. Once I decided what I want to put inside, I will show you proper pictures.