27 Oktober 2012


 Knowing so many people from the first term is a blast. Especially, because so many of them are passionated with photography. 
Some time ago they made a surprise birthday party for the guy on the second picture and took polaroid pictures of the party guests. I share the ones with you, where you can find me.
Besides the first and last picture were taken with an expired film, that's why the pictures are so yellow. Gives them a vintage touch.
The photographers also managed to waste two films, because they put them inside wrong. We laughed our asses off.

22 Oktober 2012

Music Monday: "Marep Marple - Why Don't We Leave"

For this music monday I want to present you the first music video of the band Marek Marple.
One of the band members is Marc a fellow student of mine. 
Have a look at the video!

20 Oktober 2012

Rheinischer Esel

 fEr2oL on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
 Today was one of those last and rare warm days, wich give you a last feeling of summer before hitting you in the face with winter days. I thought I'd use it to ride my bike and take some pictures along the "Rheinischer Esel" (Rhenish donkey).
"Rheinischer Esel" is the name of an old industrial railway track in the area of the Ruhrpott (Ruhr valley). After the closing of most of this area's industrial facilities (such as steelworks, coal mines, etc.) it was and is still being turned into a bycicle and pedestrian trail.

 This staircase is the way to the cellar, where we can keep our bycicles. It's somewhat annoying and dirty, but I thought'd make an interesting background for outfit pictures.

14 Oktober 2012

Wooden Boxes

 After popping in the furniture second hand store when passing, I came out with two wooden vegetable boxes for free. It looks like they are falling apart soon, but till then they are useful as a bookshelf.

13 Oktober 2012


 Remember those times, when it was warm? 
I just came across those pictures I took while walking through the woods with my boyfriend in the last summer. Sometimes I miss summer, but somehow I embrace autumn, because I like the idea of staying inside, burn some candles and drink a lot of tea. Now that I got to know a bunch of new people I feel excited to visit them in their flats and drink some tea with them. I just love to the the inside of buildings. It is very inspiring for me!

12 Oktober 2012

The Cold Nights

Sorry for the bad lighting, but I had to take those pictures fast. 
Yesterday was the official opening of the new term and therefor I attended an opening party. This was my party outfit. 
Those long legwarmers are kind of a lifesafer, when it's cold and you just need something to put over your tights, while being outside. I own them for a very long time and every time I am wearing them I thank myself that I bought them.