27 Juli 2011

As Excited As A Tree

Just some quick snapshots. 
Tomorrow I will have an interview at a university and I am more than excited. I will be wearing the skirt outfit and today for travelling by train this:

26 Juli 2011

The Perfect High-Waisted Shorts

Till I saw those shorts, I knew I wanted high-waisted ones, but I didn't know that they could fit so perfectly. 
Can you imagine me wearing them? 
If not, I can...

(via thesartorialist.com, potential seller: mytheresa.com)

25 Juli 2011

Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys ) - Dreamer (LateNightTales Cover)

Lately, it feels like I just listen to the music my boyfriend recommends to me. But after listening to this song again and again it got stuck in my head. I catched myself at humming the melody, singing ("I'm a DREAMER!") and dancing around to the imaginary beat. You see, it can't be a bad song. 
Actually it's not the original, it's a cover of the club classic 'Dreamer' by Livin' Joy that Matt Helders (from the Arctic Monkeys) recorded with producer Ross Orton and singer Nesreen Shah. He did it while creating his "late night" selection of music for the "LateNightTales". 
The "LateNightTales"  "invites the world’s best artists to delve deep into their music collections to create the ultimate "late night” selection. The series now features over 24 diverse Artists such as The Flaming Lips, Nightmares On Wax, Snow Patrol, Cinematic Orchestra, Four Tet, Jamiroquai, Arctic Monkeys and more recently Midlake." Every one of them is containing an exclusive cover version and is extremly interesting.

24 Juli 2011

"Am Güterbahnhof" ( DUISBURG - 24. JULI 2010.)

 Last year the Loveparade ended tragically. In commemoration of that Allan Gretzki has collected the leftovers from the parade and published the pictures in an online-galery.

The Day Of The Departure

It's always amazing how a change of the white balance is changing the mood of a picture. The first picture has been shot in shadow mode and the second in automatic mode. 
I found this overall at H&M, while shopping with my cousin and I just love it. Actually, I wanted an oriental looking one, but this one is also nice.
On Sunday two weeks ago we went to the Mauerpark Flohmarkt, then ate with my family at an Indian restaurant, went to D&Ch, chilled a bit in the back courtyard with F, went to the Mauerpark to sit there, met M and T and went to the Samosh. It has been a nice good bye day, evening and night for my cousin and I still miss her.

20 Juli 2011

Wednesday With Her

Sometimes my life is getting weird. 
I wore this on thursday two weeks ago. One of the best weeks of summer so far and I wish she would have stayed longer!
On the day we wanted to go to the movie "The Bang Bang Club", but she got ill, so we stayed at home. Someone came and brought us music, which made the day somehow useful.

18 Juli 2011

Music Monday: Ariel - Stateless

Thinking about doing it for a while, I thought the idea of a 'Music Monday' could be an interesting one. 
Lately, I've gotten a lot of new music impressions. One of them was and is Ariel from Stateless.  It's the first single they release on 'Ninja Tune' (a record label my boyfriend is telling me a lot about lately) and the first song I've been listening to from them. With the song Stateless is exploring the eternal struggle within all of us, the battle between good and bad, imagined here as a fight between the protagonist, the titular Ariel, and the Devil.
What intrigued me most was the music video. The design studio FIELD recorded an improvised dance using motion capture technology, and digitally animated a beautiful visual accompaniment to the original track's futuristic electronic soundscape.
How they actually did it can be seen in this video:

As an extra here is a remix, which is taking the best part of the song and making it a somehow different experience.


17 Juli 2011

With Banksy

Probably all of you know the streetartist Banksy, eventhough nobody seems to know how he looks like.
Julia Kim Smith imagined how a life with Banksy could be and created this fictious photospread. She is a conceptual artist whose work explores issues of identity, memory, and the artistic, social, and political landscape. 

(photo source: http://www.rebelart.net/diary/)

16 Juli 2011

Fashion Station 2011: A Look Back

 As I told you, I went to the Fashion Station. Me and my sister had a great time, while watching a fashion show and browsing through all the fashion labels inside the underground train. 
I like it, that the BVG is coming up with such kind of events.The underground train is such a big part of Berlin that it would be a shame, if the BVG wouldn't make room for fashion or art. They closed one platform of the U5 for public transportation. So that on one track in a (not moving) train was room for about 14 fashion labels from Berlin to present and to sell their collections. 

 In the middle of the platform a tent with two catwalks has been built. During the day every two hours you could see a fashion show with pieces of three labels from the Fashion Station. The following pictures are from one of those shows. (I didn't take pictures of the first label stoffbruch.)
The second label was Hexenstich. Heike Neugebauer has made it her task to make women without mannequin shape looking good. As you can see she is really good at it.

 Those perfect fitting, beautiful red Marlene trousers are made by zehnle von langsdorff. Since 2003 Tina Zehnle and Yvonne von Langsdorff have been measuring more than 1000 women. From this experience they develop trousers, which are fitting perfectly and are reasonably priced.

All in all, it was a great event and fun to be there. The models did a really great show. Just the train could have been a little big wider and the lighting better, but that's how it is in an underground train...

15 Juli 2011

Friday, Friday!

So, last friday we first went shopping (outfit is coming soon) and in the evening we went to the Fritzclub. We danced and danced and danced. Met different people, went to McDonalds and finally made our way home (me barefoot). There is one advice for you: Never ever go dancing with new shoes!