23 Juni 2011

Chevrolet Underground Catwalk 2011

There haven't been the Fashion Station yet and already there is the next underground fashion thing planned:
On the 6th of July two underground trains starting at the underground station Alexanderplatz (U5) are going to be the places, where you will be able to see the "Chevrolet Underground Catwalk". From 7 pm young fashion designers are showing their collections in driving underground trains. 
This years premiere are the two different fashion shows in two different trains with two different themes:
Warm–up: 7 pm
Boarding: 7:30 pm
Warm–up: 9 pm
Boarding: 9:30 pm

Train 1 presents hip and urban denim-, street- und sport styles, such as puma, swatch, Hauptstadtrocker. Train 2 is showing young fashion designers and underground label collections themed Rock’n’Roll, Pinup, Punk, Gothic, for examle Tollkirsche, Queen of Darkness, Iron Fist, Ambitious.

All the collections will be presented by the models from the agency ROCKSTAR MODELS.

Tickets are valid for one train only.
The STANDARD TICKET is at 17€ plus booking fee (incl. aftershow party and concert), the VIP TICKET is available for 65€ plus booking fee (incl. privileged boarding + access to the VIP area at the aftershow party).
Tickets for the AFTERSHOW PARTY (only!) at SAGE CLUB with WIRTZ live on stage can be purchased at the entrance of Sage Club starting at 9 pm on July 6th for 10 €
There will be NO BOXOFFICE at the venue!

(picture source: http://www.underground-catwalk.com/home)

22 Juni 2011

Fashion Station 2011

Fashion Station 2011 Logo

A lot of fashion in about 100 meter underground train. Next week on the 30th and first of July from 10 am to 8 pm you can poke around multifaceted collections from selected Berlin designers, try clothes on and if it's pleasing you buy it on the spot. The underground station U5 Alexanderplatz is going to be a colourful shopping lane and catwalk.
Naturally you don't have to pay an entrance fee.

This sounds like a lot of fun to me and I will definitely take a look at the designer the clothes and the underground station. Someone wants to join me?

This is the leaflet for those two special days:

(picture source: bvg.de)

21 Juni 2011


 The best bag in the world is mine! Actually I don't know why, but yellow seems to be my favourite colour these days. It's like wearing a piece of the sun, which makes me happy.

20 Juni 2011

08 Juni 2011

07 Juni 2011

The Three "Fundamental" Colours

Somehow I like to play around with the light on the pictures. 
Here you can see my last friday's party outfit, take another glimpse of the new closet (everything fits inside!) and have an idea of my favourite colour combination at the moment. This outfit was perfect!

06 Juni 2011

Make A Hole

Just a little sneak peak of my new closet and my new accessoires hanger.