27 Februar 2012

A Beautiful Belt

Couldn't resist to take pictures of the outfit without coat. :)
The belt is from my mother and I love it!

26 Februar 2012

One Cold Sunday

 Today was my first relaxed and sunny sunday in Berlin, that's why me and my sister S. decided to have a look at the fleamarket on the RAW-Gelände (official website). It was the first time for my sister (I kind of convinced her). Strange thing was that it was really small. Maybe it was so empty because of the weather, maybe because we've been there only after 3 pm. 

 We didn't bother, just took some pictures and moved on to the fleamarket at the Boxhagener Platz.

 There was this woman in a wonderful cardigan. I think you can understand, why I couldn't resist to take a picture of her.


 After eating some falafel, hummus and schawarma. We walked back over the Warschauer bridge, while watching the sunset. 

25 Februar 2012

That Antique Pink Body

 This is the outfit I wore to the Justice concert. It was really, really good!
 The outfit is totally comfortable, warm enough for the outside, but also not too warm for being inside. You don't have to pull the shirt always back inside the shorts, while dancing, because it is a body. Best partying outfit ever! I totally love the colours, although I can't wait to wear the outfit bare-legged.

If you still search shorts like this I have an advice for you. Me and my cousin bought long trousers for around 2€ a pair in a second-hand shop and then cut them off at our will. It's super cheap, but looks super good.

22 Februar 2012

Tonight's The Night Of Night: Justice Concert

 Tonight will be the Justice concert and I am totally excited. It's been so long, since I've been to a concert and I just love Justice!
This is not the outfit I am going to wear, but the outfit I wore, while checking coats at our university's club. It's easy work, just at busy times it can be stressful. I worked together with a friend the whole night through, which was quite exhausting at the end, but we had fun together. If I'll get the opportunity to work at the club again, I am taking it. So to say, it's easy money.

20 Februar 2012

Good Morning, Berlin!

Today a friend, which I got and get to know at the university, is coming to visit me and Berlin. It started all with buying tickets to the Justice concert and now he is staying till thursday. I am really excited and hope we will have a good time!

19 Februar 2012

Eating: The Best Döner In Berlin And Vegan Cakes

 Over all the business in the last weeks I totally forgot to tell you about one day in January, which I spent with my dear friend M. 
First we went to eat the best Döner in Berlin (believe me it is the best) on Mehringdamm 32 (just some steps away from Curry 36).

After this delicious meal I guided her to a vegan cafe in Neukölln. 
The cafe Vux is small and well decorated. The atmosphere is pleasant and the cakes are very delicious. I couldn't believe that those are all vegan, because I ate "normal" cakes, which weren't half as tasty.
If you are in the area stop by, take a break and try one of their cakes!

18 Februar 2012

I'm Coming Home Again

 It's time again. To do some packing and then go off to my home Berlin. 
Because home is, where the heart is.

09 Februar 2012

The Radness Of Black Milk

 Sometimes I like to look at special pieces of clothing from fashion labels, which are not known by everyone. They always give me the best inspiration. I heard about the label Black Milk a long time ago via kingdom of style. The strange thing is it never occured to me to have a look at it by myself. Today I did it and was not surprised how extraordinary the pieces are. 
I like it, when it is not about a new shape or drape, but when it's about the print, which makes a piece of clothing, that has proved to be succesful stunning. Some of the pieces are quite rad, aren't them? I would love to walk around in one of those muscle leggings. If I just allowed myself to spent more money on clothes...
Maybe I'll find some cloud patterned fabric, which I could try to turn into a dress. Anyone any suggestions?