09 Februar 2012

The Radness Of Black Milk

 Sometimes I like to look at special pieces of clothing from fashion labels, which are not known by everyone. They always give me the best inspiration. I heard about the label Black Milk a long time ago via kingdom of style. The strange thing is it never occured to me to have a look at it by myself. Today I did it and was not surprised how extraordinary the pieces are. 
I like it, when it is not about a new shape or drape, but when it's about the print, which makes a piece of clothing, that has proved to be succesful stunning. Some of the pieces are quite rad, aren't them? I would love to walk around in one of those muscle leggings. If I just allowed myself to spent more money on clothes...
Maybe I'll find some cloud patterned fabric, which I could try to turn into a dress. Anyone any suggestions?


  1. OMG ich muss diese Tetris-Strumpfhose haben!! :D

  2. Haha. Ich hab dein Kommentar gar nicht gesehen bis eben.
    Ich find die auch super, aber das Material sieht nicht so angenehm aus. Spare und sie wird dein!!! Und dann berichte über den Tragekomfort!