25 Februar 2012

That Antique Pink Body

 This is the outfit I wore to the Justice concert. It was really, really good!
 The outfit is totally comfortable, warm enough for the outside, but also not too warm for being inside. You don't have to pull the shirt always back inside the shorts, while dancing, because it is a body. Best partying outfit ever! I totally love the colours, although I can't wait to wear the outfit bare-legged.

If you still search shorts like this I have an advice for you. Me and my cousin bought long trousers for around 2€ a pair in a second-hand shop and then cut them off at our will. It's super cheap, but looks super good.


  1. Ich find der Body passt voll gut zu der Jeans-shorts und der Strumpfhose.

  2. Ja, ich auch. Solche Erkenntnisse tauchen einfach in meinem Kopf auf, so als hätte es "Klick" gemacht. :)