21 Februar 2011

Who's That Girl?

Because it was a little bit too silent around here and you can learn so much from this picture.
The colour combination is beautiful and she looks as if she just stepped from a theater stage into the real life.
Besides the composition of the whole picture has been chosen wisely and the light is beautiful.

16 Februar 2011

My Mail

 This is what was in the mail. A package from urban outfitters and the key chain from A Key For A Change
Actually, I don't really like buying clothes via the internet, because I don't know, if the size will fit me, if the quality of the fabric is good, sometimes even which fabric it is, if the colour will be the same, as seen on the picture and I enjoy putting clothes on my body to see how they appear on my body. Urban Outfitters (and maybe Topshop) is the big exception, because there is no shop in Berlin, where I can go to. That's why I have to live with the outcome. I really love the body, but probably it could be one size bigger, because it feels a tiny bit too small. One piece of underwear has totally different colour, at least in my opinion, as it appeared on the picture of the site. Still I love all the pieces and will wear them happily.
I am just appealing to the online seller: Please, describe your clothes more accurately. It helps a lot, if you know the measurements of the clothes or even of the model and the size she is wearing on the picture.

15 Februar 2011

Little Bit Of That

What has been in the mail this week?

14 Februar 2011

Blinded By The Moonlight



This small picture serial is about my winter shoes. They are from HUB, quite warm and really comfortable. I've worn them the whole winter and will wear them till it's getting warmer. Because of that I thought you should be able to take a closer look at them.

10 Februar 2011

Look: Who's Got A New Jacket?

 Because he obviously doesn't want to participate here anymore, I have to do the writing.
This jacket is from adidas bought via Peek&Cloppenburg and it is really warm. I think he loves it.

09 Februar 2011

Opening Ceremony SS11

Opening Ceremony Presents:


in a film by


produced by


Director of Photography:




Make up & Hair:






Special Effect:


Mix & Sound Design:


Production Coordinator:




Actually, I don't know why I like to look at those small films, which are just made to promote the seasons` collections. 
Somehow they are art, but on the other side not. That's why I like to look at them, but not to watch them. There is always a little voice in my head telling me, that those films are weird, because they want to be artistic, but they are commercial so most of the time they feel strongly artificial to me. 
This one feels (not much but) a bit different. The idea of teleporting is not a new one and I don't know how it makes sense that you change your clothes while doing it, but in a weird way it is interesting. Besides you can see the (already styled) clothes very good and you also have some time to take them in, which those films should be all about, shouldn't they? 
That's my last point of critic: A lot of films won't show the clothes right, so you can't really look at them or you just see a tiny fraction of them or the whole collection. 
All in all it won't hurt watching them, but sometimes it feels like a real waste of time. 
Nevertheless have a look at that genre of films yourself, enjoy them and write me your opinion, I am really interested in other thoughts.


 This trouser was meant for me. Me, my father and Cain went to find a coloured pair of trousers for him and I came back with this "long-wanted-never-found" pair of yellow jeans. 
My advice for you, if you really want something stop searching and start believing. If it is really meant for you, it will come to you.

08 Februar 2011

Bordeaux Like Wine

 Another outfit with a nice pair of bordeaux shorts. 
Rumors are spreading, we will move soon.

07 Februar 2011

A Key For A Change

 The good side of shopping is the one, when you can actually do something good, while purchasing something. I don't donate a lot, because I don't have a regular income, so the most I am spending on charity is a Euro or two for homeless people in the underground train or spending my freetime helping.
That's why I love the idea of charity campaigns, where I can take part, because it's in my dimension of spending. "A Key for Change" is one of them. As you may know half a year ago there was a huge flood in Pakistan, which by the UN was declared to be the worse humanitarian crisis ever. It killed around 2000 people and destroyed homes of about 11 million people. So if you buy a key necklace, you can build homes for homeless families in Pakistan. The description from the website, where you can buy them, reads:
The necklaces are made in Pakistan and based upon an authentic Pakistani house key. The necklaces are unisex and produced in a limited edition that counts 999 necklaces. Each necklace is engraved with its own unique number, which means that each donation is personal and unique.
Engineers Without Borders is the initiative behind this small project, taking place in northern Pakistan, where 3 voluntary Danish engineers deliver materials and teach the families how to build their own houses.
So make an effort and help the homeless people in Pakistan with your purchase!

04 Februar 2011

Last Years Summer

Another picture from Israel.

03 Februar 2011

To Seed A Tree Seed

 Actually I should be doing something different right now, but I found this pictures from Tel Aviv and I couldn't resist to post them. 
In Old Jaffa you can find this piece of art, which consists of a tree, which was planted into a seedshaped container. It shows how a tree as big as this can grow out of a small seed.

01 Februar 2011

Feels Like Jurgen Habermaaster

This is the video of topshop's trend pieces of spring/summer 2011. It was shot by Tyrone Lebon and styled by Beth Fenton.
I just show it to you, because the video kind of freaked me out and reminds me of experimental directors, which are parodied in this small video (which I love by the way) from the mighty boosh: