07 Februar 2011

A Key For A Change

 The good side of shopping is the one, when you can actually do something good, while purchasing something. I don't donate a lot, because I don't have a regular income, so the most I am spending on charity is a Euro or two for homeless people in the underground train or spending my freetime helping.
That's why I love the idea of charity campaigns, where I can take part, because it's in my dimension of spending. "A Key for Change" is one of them. As you may know half a year ago there was a huge flood in Pakistan, which by the UN was declared to be the worse humanitarian crisis ever. It killed around 2000 people and destroyed homes of about 11 million people. So if you buy a key necklace, you can build homes for homeless families in Pakistan. The description from the website, where you can buy them, reads:
The necklaces are made in Pakistan and based upon an authentic Pakistani house key. The necklaces are unisex and produced in a limited edition that counts 999 necklaces. Each necklace is engraved with its own unique number, which means that each donation is personal and unique.
Engineers Without Borders is the initiative behind this small project, taking place in northern Pakistan, where 3 voluntary Danish engineers deliver materials and teach the families how to build their own houses.
So make an effort and help the homeless people in Pakistan with your purchase!

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