29 November 2009

WIZO keine "Sommer"klamotten?

Finally the pictures, which I took in the charity shop WIZO. I can't tell you precisely, where it is located, because the Israelis couldn't tell me. I just know, that it is near the central busstation and the shopping mall "Canyon".
The only disappointing thing about the shop is, that they put away nearly all so called summerclothes, like tees with short sleeves and dresses. Spring or summer, come soon!

Print Society

The guys from rumplo.com developed another nice art website, where you can buy art. More precisely affordable prints for your home, walls, offices, shops etc. Everywhere you want art, which is not to expensive.

(picture source: printsociety.com)

Space Odytee

Those two tees are a great alternation to those space tees, which are flooding the Internet lately.

(Found via Rumplo.com)

23 November 2009

Short Of Hair And Time

This was yesterdays outfit. I bought the trousers in a small shop in the central busstation of beer sheva and I love the color! It's the exactly the red I was looking for.
Furthermore my boyfriend cut his hair. He went from shoulder length to 12mm and is quite a change, but I like it. By the way, hair grows. ;)
But after he cut his hair I thought about how hair is part of our body. If someone cuts his/her hair it's always a change and it effects his/hers environment. There have been people, who didn't even recognized him, because of the short hair. That was very funny!

20 November 2009

"Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen, kann man uns am Himmel sehen."

Yesterday's day off outfit:
petrol shorts and creme shirt from "The Boutique", black leather ankle boots from Vagabond and black H&M leggins.

I love Photoshop, but I hate my bangs!

By the way I have been to WIZO again yesterday, but they already changed their summer sortiment to winter sortiment, so I didn't find so many things.
I really want to show you some pictures from there, but I don't find the time. Maybe tomorrow...

15 November 2009

Ani soldier?

Todays working outfit in the morning.
Ralph Lauren shirt from "The Boutique", Levi's 501 cutted shorts from "The Boutique" and source "soldier" sandals from small shop in berlin (Oderberger Straße).
Did I already told you, that I bought sandals in berlin to wear them in Israel and discovered, that they are made by an Israel company in Israel?
Besides I am wearing the soldier version...

14 November 2009

American (partly Israeli) Apparel

"American Apparel is part Israeli, literally. Sylvia Safdie, mother of company founder Dov Charney, is from Israel. She moved with her family to Canada when she was 11 years old. Today she is an internationally known artist based in Montreal. Dov's uncle, Israeli born Moshe Safdie, is a world known architect with a flourishing architectural practice which includes an office in Jerusalem. He has designed numerous public and private buildings of note in Israel which includes the Museum at Yad Vashem, Mamila Development Project, Ben Gurion Airside Terminal, David's Village in Jerusalem and many more.

Dov's mother's family connection to Israel gives the Israeli stores special meaning for American Apparel."

I was really surprised to see on their website, that there are two american apparel shops in Israel so far: One in Jerusalem and one in Tel Aviv.
I think I am going to visit the one in Tel Aviv in the next time. I want to see the difference to the german stores and how much it costs in NIS. And I feel the desire to get that American Apparel Circle Scarf.
There are also plans to open a new store in Haifa, because Dov's mom grew up there, and they want to open an israeli online store.

Tel AvivDizengoff Centre
69 King George St.
Tel Aviv, Israel 64332

Store Hours:
Sun - Thu
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 15:00
(source: http://www.americanapparel.net/intl/israel.html)


Rivlin 3
Jerusalem, Israel
Store Hours:
Sun - Thu
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 15:00

Chofisch Weekend: Shabbat Outfit

One long weekend full of fun and laughter! Actually me and my boyfriend wanted to go to Jerusalem and sleeping at a friend of mine.
But my boyfriend got ill and we decided to stay in Kfar Rafael.
But we had a good time sleeping long, cooking and eating delicious things, listening to music, kneading and forming clay, chilling and just living through the day without giving schedule.
Because I had a lot of time, I thought a bit about the blog. I am going to change its appearance and my way of blogging. I think it's boring just to show you only the "good" outfits, which are rather rare because I work a lot, a lot, a lot. So whenever I have time to picture my outfit I am going to do it, whether it's "good" or not.

That were my and my boyfriend's outfits today:

07 November 2009

Green Light

Just noticed that it's been a while, since I showed you some music.
This is my favourite dancing piece at the moment:

Shabbat Outfit From Last Week

On Shabbat I only have to do nice things with the disabled people, because it's their day off.
I wore a blue chemise from "The Boutique", black leggins from H&M and black Chucks.
A simple outfit.
And yes, it took me one week to post it...

04 November 2009

Sweater Weather

As I first thought about this headline the weather in Israel was hot and I didn't thought about wearing a sweater. But in the last few days the weather changed suddenly and I freeze a bit and stay inside as most as I can. So DIY-ideas could\should be conducted.
I already found some and here is one of them:

Just take a simple striped shirt (mine got lost in the laundry), sew a uni coloured pocket on it and draw some symbol on it like a heart. I love it!


02 November 2009

Normal Day Off

(Bavarian look a like jacket-WIZO, natural mintgreen top-"The Boutique", lavan Saladintrousers-small shop near the Central Busstation, surfer flip flops-Rip Curl)

This is one of my outfits from last week. I wore this on thursday, which is my day off, because it's quite comfortable and good-looking at the same time.
But the most important thing is, that I found a secondhand store in Beer Sheva, which is cheap and really nice. It's called WIZO and is located in the Canyon near the Mall at the Central Station.
There is also a very funny point. I told you that I picked some things from "The Boutique". Today I should reorganize it, because it was very messy and put some clothes in seperate boxes. As I asked, where the sorted clothes will be delivered I was told that they end up in WIZO. So funny! I may buy clothes from the village in WIZO.
By the way, on thursday I went to the beduin market and it was really disappointing. There weren't old beduins selling a lot of old and/or antique stuff, as I imagined. There were a lot of other people selling new, cheap stuff and a lot of sweets. So I bought some sweets and went home.
Besides I bought the trousers I am wearing in a small shop at the Central Busstation from a very nice man. It costs 45 NIS about 9€ and I am very happy with them!