28 September 2011

This Is A Photo Opportunity

Found this spot for perfect berlin photo shoots, but I don't have model genes. Somehow it always happens that I look silly on pictures. :)

(pictures were taken by my bofriend)

27 September 2011

The Golden Cap

Believe me or not, but the best clothes are always in other people's closets!
As for example this longblouse, it was just hanging there in my cousin's closet room. I took it, pulled it over, asked for a leggings, got a grey one, put on the cap and tadaaaa: Instant outfit for a warm but a little bit windy day. That's why I took this whole outfit home. 
Maybe you remember me writing about those "fashion coincidences", such as searching something, not finding it, therefor stopping to search and then getting or finding it later. That happened with this cap. One or two month ago, I thought about buying one in yellow, but my (impolite) brother told me to forget it (didn't fit). 
On Thursday some nice friend gave me this one and I am totally happy with it. :)

26 September 2011

Last Days Of Summer

The weather is changing all the time and I am very busy at the moment. As a result I was walking around barelegged in boots. But I am the last to complain about the sun and warm weather. 

17 September 2011

Comfortable Friday

 Just some comfortable outfit for a comfortable autumn day at home. The time of layering is starting!

16 September 2011

A cute little polkadotted elephant has arrived at my room some while ago. He is helping me to hold my window open, which is as large as a door and therefor always tries to close himself after opening.
Isn't he the cutest?

15 September 2011

Apple Attack!

This is outfit has been put together with clothes from the cassiopeia jumble sale. Sometimes I like it to wear some comfortable clothes. :)

12 September 2011

The Greek Princess

After a quite long abstinence I thought I should share another outfit with you. Unfortunately our Internet connection isn't really working, so don't expect too many updates soon.
Yesterday was a day, which seemed to be one of the last days of the late summer. It was quite hot, so I went to the jumble sale at the cassiopeia. For me it feels like the Mauerpark jumble sale before it became famous and big. A good place to find some cheap clothes, to hear nice music, to rumble around stuff from private sellers and eat delicious food like bruschetta or gözleme. Because all the alternative people moved to Friedrichshain the atmosphere is totally different and for me more relaxed.
I bought the dress some weeks ago together with my cousin in the secondhand store colours and I thought I wouldn't get the opportunity to wear it before next summer, but luckily the weather turned good.