14 Februar 2013

Back In The City

 So glad to be back!
Unfortunately I have at least one essay to write till the end of September, but I can have fun in the evenings only, too. That's ok. I just have to stop me from sleeping in too much. :D

13 Februar 2013

10 Februar 2013

Glasses From Jimmy Fairly


Gladly I don't need to wear glasses. But if I needed some, I would definitely think about buying a pair from Jimmy Fairly.
The glasses are quite reasonabled priced as the cost of a pair starts at 95€. The lenses are manufactured in France and the frames in Italy.
Besides every time you buy a pair, another one is donated to a person in need. This is a wonderful idea in my opinion. (Buy one, give one.)

(pictures taken from jimmyfairly.com)


08 Februar 2013


 Now that the term is over, I wish I would have more time. But everybody seems to have their birthdays in February. This is really weird!
I am still painting the room, because the wall paint, which was underneath the new paint, still shines through. Hopefully tomorrow I will have finished this project.

 Besides I thought about the blog and I want to use it more for personal stuff. Such as introducing you to green clothes, labels etc. and maybe writing about ecological things and nutrition.
As an example I am kind of eating vegan now. (Actually I don't want to call me that, because I hate that label!)
It is just one step further than before, because I lived milk and dairy free as I am lactose intolerance and I don't like to eat meat. Now I stopped eating eggs, too. But don't think I want to be treated as a good person or such blah blah. If someone made organic bacon and scrumbled eggs for me in the morning, I wouldn't say no. I just don't cook with meat, milk and eggs for myself anymore. But now and then I will eat meat or eggs again, probably also at my parents place, because it's just easier for them.
Most important is to eat concious, which means for me organic food and to be aware of how much you eat and why and where your food comes from (the same applies for clothes). Cutting back on meat probably would be a good option for the regular German.

05 Februar 2013

White Paint

 Sorry, for my absence. It feels like I am always pretty busy. 
At the moment, I try to paint my flatmate's room. He left us two weeks ago and I finally decided to make his room mine. It is a bit bigger, more silent and you can go on the roof top and lie there. Especially in the summer I want to use this option. Maybe accompanied by nice people and a bottle of wine.
I started to paint the room white today. Unfortunately I have to overpaint it once more, but didn't buy enough paint. Next time I will ask an employee. 
Me and my flatmate went to buy wall paint after a trip to IKEA, that's why I probably was too exhausted to think properly. I don't enjoy going there as much as I did years ago. They sell too many cheap and poorly finished things. If it was really easy to get everything I want second hand, I'd rather buy things that way.