31 März 2012

The Polka-dotted Skirt

 While cleaning and packing my bags I found some outfit pictures, which I took in W. before I left.
This skirt is my new favourite one. I bought it with my cousin at a fleamarket in Dortmund.

24 März 2012

"Wilderer" Laced Boots

The laced boots you could barely see in yesterday's post are from Waldviertler and were manufactured in Austria.
 They are producing shoes, which are most healthy for you feet. The heel's sole is not higher but a little bit lower than the rest to create an upright posture.
  Positive K&ounl;rperhaltung durch den Waldviertler „Kommod Classic”
Besides the producers make sure that the shoes are produced responsibly and environmentally aware.

In Berlin there are two GEA shops, where you can buy those shoes in all different kinds. 

-D-10437 Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg, Stargarder Strasse 59

-D-10623 Berlin, Charlottenburg, Grolmanstraße 14

(illustration taken from gea.at)

23 März 2012

20 März 2012

Cloudy Inside Me

 And sometimes I feel grey and black like the weather outside.

Grey & Jersey

 Some saturday night's bar outfit, where I met my dear M. again.
The blazer is a piece I exchanged with a friend.

18 März 2012

 Sometimes I like it really comfortable...

17 März 2012

My Body

 So life is short that's why you have to enjoy it. 
One of my most favourite things is to dance, that's why after going to an Irish pub (St. Patricks Day :)) I will enjoy myself while dancing at a club. Hopefully it's going to be a blast like last saturday. 
And because life is short, I will wear this body again. This time just without extra pants. It might feel a little weird to me, but I love the look and will take the risk of disapproving looks.

15 März 2012

Welcome, Colourful World!

 Bless the new season: Colourful trousers every where. Finally I can fulfil all my dreams! ;)

14 März 2012

The Rainbow

Now and then I stumble upon a street style picture, which makes me stop for some time and have a closer look at it. This is one of them from the sartorialist
It is beautiful how the black coat is brightening the colours and letting you have a small glimpse on the jumper beneath. I also like the rolled up sleeves.
It's hard to explain, what you like about a picture and in this case the clothes she is wearing, isn't it? 
It's like speaking about a painting, either you like it or not. I like it, when it evokes a certain kind of feeling in me and feelings are not easy to describe. What do you say?

13 März 2012

Late Music Monday: Amadou & Mariam - Je Pense A Toi

The other day my boyfriend showed me this song. 
It is a wonderful love song!

12 März 2012

It's A Tomboy

Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion from pier pictures on Vimeo.

Today I want to show you the trailer for the book "tomboy style - beyond the boundaries of fashion" by Lizzie Garrett, which will be released on April the 3rd.

Her blog "TOMBOY style" is an inspiration for me. She shows you great womem and takes you on a journey through time and history.

(pictures taken from http://tomboystyle.blogspot.com)