31 August 2011

Patterned People


If you want to know which pattern will definitley be worn a lot during autumn and winter you should check out this post from Susi Bubble from Style Bubble.

(picture taken from stylebubble.co.uk)

30 August 2011

Basic Tees For Tuesday

Thinking of moving to another city soon to study there, forces me to reckon about which things I want to take with me and which I am going to leave at my parents place. Of course my clothes are coming to my mind too. 
I have a bunch of t-shirts I really like, but sadly nearly never wear, because they are not long enough or they have a not satisfying pattern. So I came to the conclusion I have to replace them for better fitting ones.
Fairtrademerch Ladies' Organic Raglan Tee (purple) - Fairtrademerch

Fairtrademerch Ladies' Organic Raglan Tee (red) - Fairtrademerch
Fairtrademerch Ladies' Organic Raglan Tee (green) - Fairtrademerch
Besides I want to buy some basic shirts in a broad range of colours. I like the H&M shirts, because they are very long and have a good pattern, but the quality and the production of the shirts are not convincing me. 
So the other day I searched for some basic t-shirts on avocadostore.com and found the online shop of Fairtrademerch. Their shirts have been set with the FAIRTRADE-seal, are made from organic cotton and they are of good quality. Furthermore they are reasonable priced with 15€ per shirt.
I just don't know if the cut will please me. That's why I am going to order a green basic tee from them to try it out.

Fairtrademerch Men's Organic Tee (bright blue) - Fairtrademerch
(pictures taken from avocadostore.com)

29 August 2011

Tutorial: Ohrringhalter Zum Selbst Basteln

Zwei Wochen lang habe ich meine Kusine gesehen und viel Spaß mit ihr gehabt. Wir haben ein paar Dinge unternommen und daraus ist unter anderem dieses Video entstanden. Es ist auf Deutsch, aber ich denke, ich werde noch eine Anleitung nur mit Bildern auf Englisch veröffentlichen.

This video is available just in german, but I am going to do a tutorial about how to do a earringholder from a picture frame in english soon.

23 August 2011

Graffiti Wars

Untitled from StreetArtNews on Vimeo.

Some might might know that I am interested in street art and graffiti.
I think this movie is interesting, so have a look at it.

22 August 2011

Music Monday: SDP feat Sido - Ne Leiche

Some music for my german readers. Such a funny song!

15 August 2011

Music Monday: The Pioneers - Tunng

If you have watched "the o.c." you know, that a lot of times they used the most beautiful and touching music you can imagine. Already because of that the series was worth watching.
This is a song from the 3. season and it is touching.

14 August 2011

Music Monday: Dream Machine

This is going to be a late music monday post, because I am currently travelling around with my cousin v. We are staying for some days at my grandmother's flat to share some parents-free-time together.
V showed me this song, which is the perfect song for a chill out. It's kind of easy going, but not in a shallow way and it's accompanying our time together.

12 August 2011

Aluc + Mein Hansi = Fashion That Can Be Produced Fair, Social and Local


What happens with our clothes, after we got rid of them? 
With increasing consum also the clothpiles are growing. Germans are leading in textile consumption: They buy 28 kilo a head and year. Just under half of the clothes are given to charity after their use. The rest of it will end up as garbage on a disposal site or in an incinator. 
Fortunatley there are some fashion labels, who discovered the value of used clothes. One of them is the Berlin based label aluc. They are cutting up jumper and t-shirts and putting them together to new clothes. Each piece is a unicum and part of the "Mein Hansi" project.

But that's not enough. In the textile industry huge piles of garbage from new cloth are originated while producing apparel. Those fabrics are new and aluc is using them for their shirts. They drove to the Erz mountains and to Austria and saved good-as-new fabrics from ending up as garbage. 
Besides the shirts have a special twist: The collar is attached with buttons and you can remove it easily or change it to another one.

They say about themselves: 

we do...

... conceptual projects, rejecting the processes of mass production.

... ecofashion, that goes far beyond.
... clothes that tell a story.

we believe
, that fashion can be produced fair, social and local. We don't want to join the fast, inhuman and wasteful fashion industry.
--- that's why we don't work on collections, but projects.
--- that's why we use fabrics that are rather made in Germany or from organic fibres. we always try to get "dead-stock", end-of-roll or swatches and we upcyclefabrics to save landfills from more textile waste.

--- that's why we work together with social services like sheltered workshops, where handycapped people get the chance to work, feel save and be needed.

... inspired by the cradle-to-cradle principle, we try to keep everything in its cycle.
our resources are limited, but our creativity knows no limits.
 Voodoo Market Berlin

(pictures from aluc.eu and meinhansi.com)

10 August 2011

A Green Idea: The Avocado Store

About a year ago was searching for green clothes via internet extremly exhausting. That's why the founders of Avocado Store, Philipp Gloeckler and Stephan Uhrenbacher, had the idea to built a platform for all german producers of green products. Besides it should be easy for the costumers to find green products and compare their prizes.

As you can see the idea was a fast-selling item and now they can present you over 100 seller and about 2.000 products on their website. 

I think the site is a great idea not just for the customers. It's good, that especially small seller make a profit from being able to present their products in a professional environment, because they don't have the means to create their own website yet. 

There is also a blog, where you can read about specials, discounts, the labels from the avocado store and a lot more.

09 August 2011

The Underground Book Jacket

 A wee while ago it was my father's birthday. Last year my brother had the idea to make him a book jacket out of the fabric, which is used to cover the seats in the underground trains. I loved the idea, because my father is collecting books and therefor needs book jackets to protect them. Besides it's just funny, if he's sitting in the train and reading a book, which is covered in the same fabric as the seats. 
Luckily I knew a friend, who had some pieces of that fabric left, so I could sew a useful and unique book jacket. 
Actually, I think I am going to buy more of the fabric and sew some for me and my brother and maybe friends.


Getting a tattoo is still on my mind.
I just need to figure it out with a girlfriend of mine.
There are always the thoughts about how it will look on the skin later, when you are getting old, and what will happen, if you start to dislike it.
Because it's a permanent thing, a lot of thoughts in advance are inquired.
And at last, it hurts. Why should you put yourself in a place of pain?

I like the idea of a tatto being a piece of memory. 
It's like taking or drawing a picture just that it will be on my body. 
It could represent a phase I went through or a part of my personality I want to underline.
That's why I wouldn't want one, which is just beautiful.

The one on the picture contains just a word, but it makes me smile.
You can think about it so much.
"Shalom" is hebrew and means "peace", but in Israel it's used on an every day base to say "hello".
So the question is: Does she want peace or is she just saying hello to you?
Besides it's not written in hebrew but in the english phonetics.
So, can she speak hebrew, but is not able to write it? Is she jewish? 
I love that a tattoo can avoke so many questions and thoughts in the people, who see it.
Do you have any suggestions?

(picture via thetattologist.com)

08 August 2011

Music Monday: Robot Bar Fight

Somehow, I love watching videos on youtube or getting videos shown. Especially if they are funny or musically interesting. That's why I want to show you this video.
I like the background music, the text, the rap, the action shown, the relation to other movies. It's just great and shows a lot of creativity.

This Is Why I'm Broke

This Is Why I'm Broke is a site, which offers you pictures of products and leading links. The products have a special or unique design most of the time relating to something, like the pillow to the floppy disk.
So if you want to have that stuff immediately (like me), you will end up broke. Let's just hope, I'll find a bag of money somewhere, because I think I need nearly all of those things on the site.
Deluxe Floppy Disk Pillow

SOAP Companion Cube, Mountain Dew-type scent by Gamer and Geek Soap Inventor DigitalSoapsNintendo - Controller Bi-fold WalletMario Bros.: Koopa Shell Plush and Backpack - 16 inches diameterClassic Cassette Silicone Case Skin for Iphone 4 4th 4g
 (pictures via thisiswhyimbroke.com)

02 August 2011

Brother Don't You Walk Away!

 My brother just came back from a trip to sweden. That was his answer to if he could take pictures of me. Nice guy, isn't he? But in the end he did it.
 This dress is like perfection (a seethrough one). That's why I wore another simple dress under it.
The cardigan is from DKNY Jeans and I bought it at the Garage (say: garasch!) for around 4€. It's a little bit to small for wearing it closed, but it has those little golden elephants, which are the main reason I bought it.
Besides my hair keeps growing and growing!

01 August 2011

Music Monday: Justice

Probably you saw it all already, but I still want to show this video to you because of the song. 
And the banana bathing suit!
Did you also hear that the justice release of the new record should be this fall? It's too damn long!