02 August 2011

Brother Don't You Walk Away!

 My brother just came back from a trip to sweden. That was his answer to if he could take pictures of me. Nice guy, isn't he? But in the end he did it.
 This dress is like perfection (a seethrough one). That's why I wore another simple dress under it.
The cardigan is from DKNY Jeans and I bought it at the Garage (say: garasch!) for around 4€. It's a little bit to small for wearing it closed, but it has those little golden elephants, which are the main reason I bought it.
Besides my hair keeps growing and growing!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Du bist süß! Kann mir richtig vorstellen, wie du da vor der Kamera tanzt wie ein kleines Mädchen in Mamas Kleidern <3