30 Juni 2009

One Stunning Tee For Tuesday

This tee designed by Noah Kalina is a stunning one.
It describes an absolutely true fact: the retirement of analog photography.
Besides the (sad) irony is very funny.
I would LOVE to have this tee!
You can buy it here.

(source: rumplo.com)

29 Juni 2009

Tonight Is The Night Of Nights

No, my prom is not/hasn't been tonight, it was on saturday. But I had a blast!
It took place in the "Marriot hotel" near Potsdamer Platz on the first floor and started with a champagne reception, so we had time to greet everyone, take pictures and starting to feel dizzy.
After getting into the hall and taking our seats, "bertha's big band" played and some people of my grade danced the entrance waltz. This was great!
After (how it felt) hours we could eat food from the buffet, which tasted really good, but was made with a lot of butter...
Later, the dj started to play some dancing tunes and we danced till 2 am in the morning. Now and then, we tried to take the elevator to get on the 9th or 10th floor, which was only able with a chip card. My sister and me did it with a customer of the hotel, who wants to know, if we came from a wedding. Maybe because I looked like a bride without the stole.
Besides we spinned the world right round and had a lot of fun!!!

26 Juni 2009

I Want To Give Love To Socially Neglected Parts Of You

Last post was the 100th post! Juhu!!!

I am sorry for my absence, but it has been my last school days full of returning books, getting signatures, having graduation prank and (today) having a conferral, where I get my "Abitur" certificate.
Today's (second) outfit should be a little bit festive and chic. I thought about three different ones:

The first one:

blazer-h&m, dress worn as a top-s-tocks(spain), skirt-aa, chain-from my mom

The second outfit:

In the first version I would wear the skirt high waisted and in the second version I would wear it, like it is.

blazer-h&m, dress worn as a top-s-tocks, skirt-h&m

And the last outfit:

blazer-h&m, dress worn as a top-s-tocks, skirt-topshop, shoes-buffalo

I would wear the last outfit with black or red tights, because it is cold outside. As an addition I would wear a lot of silver and gold chains around my neck.
Besides I am not sure, if I shall wear high heels, because I have to climb stairs for getting my certificate and I don't want to fall.
So, what do you say?
I will present the result tomorrow and hope I'll have a lot of fun!

17 Juni 2009

My Dream Is To Fly

Just popping in to say: "I am back again!". I had a blast and got a light tan.
This is what I am wearing today: scarf-present, dress-s-tocks, tights-primark, earrings-vero moda, bracelets-spain, shoes-deichmann, blazer-h&m, black shirt-h&m, bag-olymp and hades, umbrella-penny's.

04 Juni 2009

Heading For Spain

Au revoir!
I will be absent from the 5th to the 13th of June having fun with some people of my grade in spain.

P.S.: Cooking with my boyfriend is awesome!

Help Me With Sewing, Please!

You have a sewing machine, but don't know how to sew something or fear to start sewing? Go to "stitch n bitch" the sewing cafe in Kreuzberg, where you can learn to sew, create your own pattern or get one created.

opening hours:
tuesday to friday 1 to 10 pm
saturday 1 to 10 pm

stich n bitch | Wrangelstraße 80 10997 Berlin

(source: linkle.de)

02 Juni 2009

Blog Reference: Haute World

If you want to visit Amsterdam, Glasgow, Hamburg, London, Paris, Rome and Warsaw and don't know, which shops or exhibition to visit, you should have a look at this blog: Haute World.
It's "For all fashion-lovers, shopaholics and those, who just wish to see clothing and accessories in their 'natural habitat': this blog aims to capture my very subjective shopping experiences as I hit the world's best fashion spots."

(picture source: woostercollective.com)

A New Store In Town

There is a new store in Friedrichshain called "Nur Mut", which I will definitely check out in the next few weeks.
You can find famous street fashion labels like DC next to small German tee labels like Wasted German Youth.Photobucket

Nur Mut | Proskauer Str. 38 10247 Berlin

(source: myspace.com)