26 Juni 2009

I Want To Give Love To Socially Neglected Parts Of You

Last post was the 100th post! Juhu!!!

I am sorry for my absence, but it has been my last school days full of returning books, getting signatures, having graduation prank and (today) having a conferral, where I get my "Abitur" certificate.
Today's (second) outfit should be a little bit festive and chic. I thought about three different ones:

The first one:

blazer-h&m, dress worn as a top-s-tocks(spain), skirt-aa, chain-from my mom

The second outfit:

In the first version I would wear the skirt high waisted and in the second version I would wear it, like it is.

blazer-h&m, dress worn as a top-s-tocks, skirt-h&m

And the last outfit:

blazer-h&m, dress worn as a top-s-tocks, skirt-topshop, shoes-buffalo

I would wear the last outfit with black or red tights, because it is cold outside. As an addition I would wear a lot of silver and gold chains around my neck.
Besides I am not sure, if I shall wear high heels, because I have to climb stairs for getting my certificate and I don't want to fall.
So, what do you say?
I will present the result tomorrow and hope I'll have a lot of fun!

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