28 April 2009

School's Cool... NOT!

I am sorry for the lack of posts these days, but I am not in the mood and don't have the time to use the Internet. On one hand I need my time to learn and then write exams and spend the rest with my boyf. But on the other hand I think about my "obsession" about clothes and fashion. I wouldn't go so far to say that dressing nice or in "my style" is wrong or something bad, but I wonder, if I just think about it too much and forget other things, which are also important, like my future after making my A-Level. Besides I only spend to much time thinking about buying clothes and calculating with money, I have and don't have. I can't explain, what is my problem right now, so I just leave it like that. But I hope, you get an impression, why I don't post. So I hope, at least you have a nice and fashionable life! I will post only sporadic in the next weeks. Sorry!

By the way, I took the last picture in the Martin Gropius Bau. I just find it funny, that there were these two words "ost"(east) and "west" in the mirrors, just like the wall, which has divided berlin in exactly these parts onces. I wondered if they thought about it, while hanging those mirrors. What do you think?

14 April 2009

Kool Stuff For Kool Kats

If you like nice, original and "gameboyish" jewelry, you should check out the shop "koolkatkostum"!
They have cute and insane stuff, but also normal mainstream things, like the shutter shades. AAAAnd today is the dispatch for free with the code 'FORFREE'.

(source: koolkatcustom.com)

11 April 2009

Happy Easter!

As I won't post tomorrow I wish you all a HAPPY EASTER!


To see some easter fashioned people on video click.

Hope you will find a lot of eggs and bunnys!

(www.showbeyond.com, www. lindt.de)

Today's Outfit And Thrifting

This was today's outfit:
(skirt-h&m, shirt-topshop, bag-h&m, cardigan-zara, blue lightning-sun shining through blue window, flipflops flavour of cinnamon-Spinnrad)

I wore it to visit the exhibition "Hannes Kilian" at the Martin-Gropius-Bau. He is a great photographer, so maybe I will post about him later.

My second outfit emerged out of the fact, that I thrifted a skirt at an Humana store at Frankfurter Tor.

It is a big store with 30.000 pieces displayed on four floors. It's a little bit hard to find good pieces, but if you have enough time and endurance you will find some at good/low prices.
I was looking for a white dress for upcoming summer, but as I didn't find one, I bought this skirt, which I could also wear as a dress.

The last picture has been taken in the underground station U5 Frankfurter Tor.

Fashion Fleamarket

If you have enough time after tomorrows Easter Brunch and family meetings you should definitely go to this WMP! Fashion Fleamarket:
WMP! Fashion Fleamarket

(source: iheartberlin.de)

10 April 2009

Spring, Sunshine and Studying

Today I am learning and learning and learning. Yeah, I already forced me to start. I can't believe how other pupil motivate themselves to learn.
So as my brain has been trained enough, I just want to show you some pictures.
Just one word to the picture above. Isn't this great/fun/amazing?
Even if I had a red game boy as a young girl, I really want to have one necklace for myself. It would be even cooler, if he could play with the one around his neck. What do you think, is he able to do it?

In some minutes I will go to the "timeless audrey" exhibition. I am really excited!


(source: facehunter.org, woostercollective.com)

08 April 2009

Adidas Advertising Abuse

Sorry, if the headline doesn't make any sense, but I like the alliteration.

As you may know adidas launched an "Urban Art Guide" with which you have can search streetart objects in berlin via iPhone, it's like a mobile streetartguide. On the launch's date they hide 60 adidas shoes on 60 streetart objects (60 because it's adidas' 60th anniversary this year) to be found by people using the guide.
But adidas didn't asked streetartartist for permission or if they want their artworks to be shown in this guide. So they get together and tried to find many shoes on launch's day. They modified the shoes with paintings etc. to sell them by auction on 14.04.2009, Galerie Superplan, Gärtnerstr. 33a, Friedrichshain, S Warschauer Straße, www.superplan.net. The avails of the auction will be donated to "real" streetart projects.

My question is:
Why do such brands always have to abuse subcultures to gain a more popular and "cooler" image?
It is kind of in fashion to use streetart to sell products and that's sad!

(source: superlan.net)

Blogmix: Favourite Fashion Blogs

This is my blogmix: Favourite Fashion Blogs.
Click on it and enjoy those fashion blogs, which inspire me at the moment.
Have fun with it, create your one blogmix via bloglovin.com and send it to me!

(source: facehunter)

The Other Day's Outfit

(blazer-h&m, shirt-h&m, pencilskirt-AA, tights-tightsshop, chain-selfmade)

The other day it was time to went to my favourite jumble sale for the first time this year. The weather made me do it.
I bought nothing clothes-like, because there weren't anything good. Maybe because I have been too late, maybe because it's just the start of the jumblesale season and the good things are waiting to get out yet.

But I bought a book about photography and the DVD "American Beauty".
If you haven't seen it yet, go out and watch it! It's worth it!

04 April 2009

Designer Sale In Berlin

Market Publique | The Vintage Marketplace

Today I received an E-mail from Market Publique. It's a vintage only marketplace, where you can sell or purchase vintage clothes by auction. Isn't this a great idea?
Have a look at the cool and beautiful clothes you can buy:

item photo

item photo

(source: shop.marketpublique.com)