11 April 2009

Today's Outfit And Thrifting

This was today's outfit:
(skirt-h&m, shirt-topshop, bag-h&m, cardigan-zara, blue lightning-sun shining through blue window, flipflops flavour of cinnamon-Spinnrad)

I wore it to visit the exhibition "Hannes Kilian" at the Martin-Gropius-Bau. He is a great photographer, so maybe I will post about him later.

My second outfit emerged out of the fact, that I thrifted a skirt at an Humana store at Frankfurter Tor.

It is a big store with 30.000 pieces displayed on four floors. It's a little bit hard to find good pieces, but if you have enough time and endurance you will find some at good/low prices.
I was looking for a white dress for upcoming summer, but as I didn't find one, I bought this skirt, which I could also wear as a dress.

The last picture has been taken in the underground station U5 Frankfurter Tor.

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