08 April 2009

Adidas Advertising Abuse

Sorry, if the headline doesn't make any sense, but I like the alliteration.

As you may know adidas launched an "Urban Art Guide" with which you have can search streetart objects in berlin via iPhone, it's like a mobile streetartguide. On the launch's date they hide 60 adidas shoes on 60 streetart objects (60 because it's adidas' 60th anniversary this year) to be found by people using the guide.
But adidas didn't asked streetartartist for permission or if they want their artworks to be shown in this guide. So they get together and tried to find many shoes on launch's day. They modified the shoes with paintings etc. to sell them by auction on 14.04.2009, Galerie Superplan, Gärtnerstr. 33a, Friedrichshain, S Warschauer Straße, www.superplan.net. The avails of the auction will be donated to "real" streetart projects.

My question is:
Why do such brands always have to abuse subcultures to gain a more popular and "cooler" image?
It is kind of in fashion to use streetart to sell products and that's sad!

(source: superlan.net)


  1. lovely blog, wonderful pictures

  2. Yeah, I guess they do use movements separate from themselves as a means of advertising. But some (like Chuck Taylors/Converse) are already associated with those movements. And I think shedding some positive light on streetart (which is often viewed as a menace to society) is a very good thing.

  3. I didn't know Adidas was of that kind of brands, the ones who exploit other people!

    Love you blog :)

  4. @ Constanca: Thanks! I like your blog, too!

    @ The Clothes Horse: Maybe you are right. It is always kind of positive, but in berlin are so many streetart pieces, which aren't from real artists, but from companies, who just want to sell things and this is really annoying.
    But it's nice to hear, that converse colloborates with them, because I wasn't sure about that, as I saw their ads on Potsdamer Platz.