10 April 2009

Spring, Sunshine and Studying

Today I am learning and learning and learning. Yeah, I already forced me to start. I can't believe how other pupil motivate themselves to learn.
So as my brain has been trained enough, I just want to show you some pictures.
Just one word to the picture above. Isn't this great/fun/amazing?
Even if I had a red game boy as a young girl, I really want to have one necklace for myself. It would be even cooler, if he could play with the one around his neck. What do you think, is he able to do it?

In some minutes I will go to the "timeless audrey" exhibition. I am really excited!


(source: facehunter.org, woostercollective.com)


  1. love the last picture, do u know whos the photograper???

  2. I found it on this site: http://www.woostercollective.com/2009/04/one_not_to_miss_light_paint.html
    They say it's from "Mr Wobble":
    Hope, I could help and I love it, too!