24 Juni 2013

Pink Tights

 Life feels good in pink tights!

03 Juni 2013

Music Monday "John Surman - Whistman's Wood"

As I was in Istanbul, my friends and I went to eat dinner in a restaurant, where you could eat organic food of the region. We felt really comfortable and stayed till it closed. The music, which was played that night, certainly made us stay that long. That's why I asked the family, which owned the restaurant, what music they were playing. 
The other night it was raining and somehow the name of the artist came to my mind. It is John Surman. I searched him on youtube and found this song, which is really beautiful. The tones are played with a clearness, with a strong feeling and a beautiful melancholy, which nevertheless doesn't feel heavy.
I'd love to be able to dance to it.