04 April 2012

The Right Feeling

Sometimes when I wear something it just feels right. Like this outfit. It's quite simple but everything fits as I like it. Besides I don't have the feeling that the outfit is restraining me, for example the shirt always have to be pulled down. This is really important for me and I will slowly start to sort out all the clothes, which doesn't fit me "perfectly" or restrain me.
But finding new clothes is also not that easy for me. Most of the time the clothes off the rack fit is not right. Or clothes seems to fit, but at home I discover that this was an illusion. But I'll take the challenge and change my wardrobe over the time.

02 April 2012

Polka Dots All Over

 Here it is again. THE skirt. :)
Pairing polka dots with polka dots is a great pleasure of mine.
By the way, I am in Stuttgart at the moment, having some private time with my boyfriend and discovering a new city.