26 Februar 2009

Sara's Trousers - Where To Find?

Today it's Germany's Next Topmodel's night and I wanted to show you the lovely oufit from Sara (left one). Her trousers were absolutly awesome: elegant and comfy at the same time. Where can I get those?
Unfortunately I only found this picture, but hopefully you can guess what I mean.

(source: http://www.prosieben.de/lifestyle_magazine/germanys_next_topmodel_staffel4/index.php)

Basic Clothes: Pencilskirt, white, high-waisted

Today arrived my new pencilskirt, which I bought via Ebay.
It is from American Apparel, high-waisted and white.
The only disadvantage is the not whipped hem, which I will whip after I washed it.
Here is one example how I would were it:


Second part of scanned articles, which I find inspirating. Enjoy them!

(Source: Scanned from German VOGUE, marie claire)

25 Februar 2009


Just some inspirational stuff and trying out my scanner's skills.
Please feel inspired enough to leave a comment. =D

(source: scanned from elle, german VOGUE, ellegirl & other fashionmagazines)

24 Februar 2009

Tee For Tuesday

As I am in love with photography, this tee is perfect for me. =D

You can buy it here.

(source: Rumplo.com)

21 Februar 2009

Outfit From The Day Before Yesterday

Just wanted to show you my new yellow longsleeve from P&C. I really love it, because it has the perfect length.
My new favourite colours are definitly yellow and white. It's like my desire for spring is indicated in these colours. Hopefully it will be warm someday...

Want To Have Some New Stylish and Unique Earrings?

Remember those stylish earrings I got from the "Perlerei"?
I made some new ones with my friend Jasmin and you can buy them here:

20 Februar 2009

Fashion For Your Home

Believe it or not, but h&m is now having their own home decoration line. I couldn't believe it first. Besiedes I still dooubt, if I need pillows etc. from h&m.
Nevertheless there are some nice pieces available, but the design reminds me of IKEA. Maybe it looks similar, because both company are from sweden.
But create your own opinion with this pictures:

(source: hm.com)

18 Februar 2009

Adidas Shoper = Trend!?

Remember as I wondered about the adidas shopper some time ago?

I found out, that you don't get them for free as a shopping bag in normal adidas stores. So I bought the pink one in a Hip Hop store behind the Europacenter for 3€.

Today I received an e-mail, which says that you get one bag for free, if you order something from adidas. I think it's a funny coincidence and would be a great idea, if it wasn't an online shop, which presents them to their costumers.But one thing is clear. These bags get more and more attention and I think it will end as a trend item like wearing allstars or vans. The german youth is predictable sometimes. =D

(source: frontlineshop.com)

17 Februar 2009

Exhibition: "Couture Remixed"

"Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz, Kunstgewerbemuseum
8 November 2008 - 1 March 2009

COUTURE REMIXED – Fashion Pieces by Stephan Hann

Under the title of ‘Couture Remixed', the Museum of Decorative Arts is proud to present some 50 lavishly perplexing creations from the fashion designer Stephan Hann, who currently lives in Paris and Berlin. His works present familiar materials in unusual contexts and thereby render their latent qualities and possibilities visible.

Created with the highest degree of aesthetic and technical skill, the works explore such concepts as ‘valueless' and ‘valuable' and form a statement about them.
This particular show sees the continuation of the series of exhibitions on contemporary design and fashion by the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Presented by:

Museum of Decorative Arts"

I think I am going to visit this exhiibition soon. Let's see how the dresses are!

(source: Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)

Want To Have: Handbag


Isn't this bag just lovely?

(source: frontlineshop.com)

Todays Outfit And Random Pics From My Week

shirt-father, blazer-h&m, scarf-grandfather, skinnys-h&m

This was the outfit I wore today. I couldn't stop making strange things with my face, so in the end I just cutted it out.

This is at the Bernauer Straße, where my alltime-favourite jumble sale is located. I love these little things, which sprayer do all over Berlin.

These two pictures have been taken in a vietnamese Restaurant, where the food was surprisingly delicious. I never tought that, because I am always afraid of trying new and foreign food.
I just wanted to show the nice interior. Unfortunately I forgot the name and the street.