21 Januar 2009

adidas shopper = a green idea?

Recently many girls from 11th and 12th class are carrying the adidas shopper around, which are available in six different colours. My favourite one is in pink:

Nu een gratis shopper bij een adidas aankoop!

I did some research and found out through a netherlandish blog, that you get them as shopping bags after buying something at adidas. I like this idea, because adidas is avoiding plastic trash by giving their customers free plastic bags and I think the bags are stylish too!

But I still have questions:
Can I have such a bag only, if I buy something at adidas also in Germany?
And relating to the following question: Do I want such a bag? Pink is such a nice colour... =D
Will wearing them be a new trend?
Is giving reusable AND stylish shopping bags the new trend also in Germany? I haven't heard, that many lables are giving their costumers such bags lately. Do you?

So the first question will be unanswered till I have asked someone at my school or have visited an adidas store. Sounds logical, doesn't it?

Referring to the second question, I simply can say, that this pink IS a nice colour. So maybe I would buy one, but I would only use it far away from school, because I don't want to look like a copycat right now. So maybe I will look for one after getting my A-Level.

And relating to the third question: I think at my school and when I look at the boys and girls, while walking down the Ku'Damm, these bags are going to be a new trend. They are showing a green attitude and they are looking stylish. And for me it is a great regard to my country Germany, because if they are produced locally, I support the local economy and save the environment.

The last question makes me think of a post by Susie Bubble from Stylebubble. She has asked her readers if they are using such bags, which she has get from shows, launches, fashion weeks, tradeshows etc... or if they just throw them away.
Most of the readers are keeping the bags. The only difference between Susie and her readers and the pupil at my school is that they don't use them regularly as a substitution for a "real" bag, but rather as an addition to carry supermarket or grocery shopping or books etc... inside.
All in all I think these bags are a great opportunity to avoid plastic bags and the resulting trash, if you reuse them as whatever.

At my family we are using cotton bags since I can think to go shopping or to the library or whatever, so for me it's not a big change, when using them. But I think the idea of using cotton bags instead of plastic bags hasn't arrived in Germany.
For example at McPaper (a papeterie) you suddenly had to buy a plastic bag instead of getting it for free. So you would have thought about taking your cotton bag with you or reusing the plastic bag. But now you get your plastic bag for free again, because the Germans doesn't like the idea of paying for a plastic bag. I think that is very sad!
Another example is that there are not many lables or clothes stores, which would give you a cotton or even a paper bag for your shopping.
So in my opinion the Germans should wake up and do something for there environment!


  1. Hi, I am from Switzerland and I'm looking for this bag since one year, I didn't found it !! Do you know where I can buy it ?? Thank U very much for the answer.

  2. Hi!
    In Berlin you can buy it at the Kurfürstendamm behind the Europacenter. But I haven't found it in an adidas store yet.
    I could buy one for you and send it to you, if you want one. But I will have to look, if they are there still available frist.

  3. ohhhh yes gladly !!! it would be very nice of you !!! When you've seen if there are still available there you could send me an e-mail ?? My adress mail is marion_panchaud@yahoo.fr
    ps : i would like the purple one if possible.
    Thank's thank's thank's !!

  4. Hello, Do you know where I can buy those shopping bags in Berlin? You said behind the Europacenter but i couldnt find them..Please help I want those bags....Or do you know somewhere else to buy this bag?Bitte bitte
    here ist mein e-mail adresse:cu2@live.de

  5. how can i get it in London? ;(

  6. Have you been to an adidas store?
    On www.adidas.com you can search for adresses.
    This is the adress of the adidas Originals Store London: 9 Earlham Street, London.
    Or there is the adidas Performance Store London
    415-419 Oxford Street, W1C 2PG.
    Maybe you will find them there...

  7. You can get them at ebay for a couple euros (buy now rates are around 6-7€!). Just search for "adidas shopper" ;)