12 Januar 2009

Late New Year...

I love Audrey Hepburn since I was eleven!

Sorry, guys! I'm pretty busy at the time and I'm very sorry for the lack of posts in the past!
I'm approaching to make my A-level in march, april and may, so it is my last semester at school, in which I wanna be good. =D Have to do a presentation, as part of it and I'm really under stress.
That's kind of sad, because it sale all the time and I can't go out to shop. But at the weekend I will proceed with that (hopefully...). Oh, not to forget: I am starting to clean my room, so throw away all the things I don't need anymore and maybe rearrange same things. It will end with cleaning out my closet to have space for new things. So, for this year I have made some resolutions. Here they are in random order:
  • (relating to my lactose-intoleration) I don't want to eat anything with lactose anymore!
  • I want to eat less things, which contains sugar!
  • I want to sleep less and do more! (I can sleep all day and the night and the other day and so on^^)
  • I want to get in touch with my sister more often!!!
  • I want to be really good in school this last semester and make a good A-level!
  • I just want to buy clothes, which I REALLY need! (Who tells me, which I don't and which I do need?)
  • I want to begin to have good, lasting basic clothes and start to integrate some colours, which aren't actually there!
  • I want to try to remove my make up every night!
Did you make some resolutions? And if yes, which one?

In the end I want to show you these two beauties. Now I am seeking the perfect white dress!!!

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