29 Oktober 2009

Friends And Stripes

Those pictures are shot by the sartorialist. I love how the two women interpreted the same sweater.
Besides the dress in the last picture is awesome and she styled it so nice. I need one perfect dress like that!

18 Oktober 2009

4 Tees For Sunday

found via rumplo

Tel Aviv

I am wearing levi's DIY shorts from "The Boutique" and vest like striped tank top from Urban Outfitters.

This has been taken on the "Old Jaffa's" hostel roof, where we slept as we spent time in Tel Aviv.

Sweetheart Urban Outfitters

I have to
confess that I am addicted to Urban Outfitters. The sad thing is that they have just one shop in Germany (it's in Hamburg) and none in Israel. I would like them to open more shops!
The only thing I can do now is looking at those beautiful things, which you can find in the online store.

The Boutique

Naturally I wanted to know where and what I can shop in israel. Last week on my day off as I had time I went shopping. I think, it's amazing that you can buy the same clothes nearly in every shopping centre or mall all over the world. There's no big difference.
I didn't shop for fun yet, because I don't have so much money. I just looked for a pair of flip flops and got a beautiful one from Rip Curl for 60% off. So I paid around 12 € for them.
I also got clothes but I didn't buy them. I told you, that I am working in the laundry. Inside the folding room there is a cupboard filled with clothes no one wants to have anymore. It's called "boutique". After I found that place full of treasures I started to check it again and again.
In the end I got one white skirt, which will be in good use on shabbat, one pair of Levi's 501 jeans, which I cut off and wear them as shorts (actually I think those are men pants, but they fit quite nice), and one bag, which I will share with my boyfriend.
Hopefully I will discover more treasure and be able to show you.

07 Oktober 2009

Reasons For Working As A Caretaker In Israel

Three weeks ago, I made my last entry. If you want to know why, read on. I am sorry that this is not really fashion related, but I think you should at least know where I am at the moment and why I can’t post so frequently.

As I may have written on my blog, I passed my Abitur this summer . Because of that I had to think about what to do next. I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do in life before I graduated and I still haven’t. There are some vague thoughts about, but I am not quite sure about realizing them yet.

Besides my boyfriend told me, he wanted to go to Israel to help disabled people in a village named “Kfar Rafael”. Maybe you can imagine, that I was kind of sad that he may go there without me and I didn’t thought about going there. I have never been away from home for more than a month, so I was too scared to even think about going to Israel.

In the end, I changed my mind, because I realized that I wanted to do something totally different in/with my life than I did for the last years and that I couldn’t let my boyfriend go alone.

Now I am in Kfar Rafael, a small remedial community nearby Beer Sheba, taking care of three disabled woman, who are like the sweetest persons in the world, and working in the laundry of the village and I have to say that I don’t regret my decision yet.

Due to the slow internet connection and the packed time schedule I won’t have the time to post an entry more than once a week and I won’t be able to post a lot of pictures.