29 Januar 2012

Climate Policy

Politics is actually really interesting. I am totally immersed in climate policy, because I have to give a talk about the German climate policy and afterwards to hand in a paper about it. At the moment I am hopeful about it, I still have a week. But motivation likes to slip fast, so let's see how it will be in a few days.

27 Januar 2012

The Little Rosebush

This is a little tree/flower/something, which my cousin V. gave me as a present some time ago. I just love it! Hopefully it will survive, because I manage to kill every plant. You just have to wait a while.
So the boyfriend is gone and going to Israel again for nearly to month. It feels a little awkward to me, because I thought the next time he will be in Israel it would be with me again. But if this is what he wants to do I'll support him.

26 Januar 2012

Adidas Ecological Collection

Adidas is one of my favourite sports labels. Even if I don't own a lot of clothes from them. But that could change in the future, because they engaged themselves to Greanpeace to stop using dangerous chemicals, while fabricating their clothes, till the year 2020. That's why they launched their new eco collection in classical Adidas style. You will be able to buy track suits and t shirts made of 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester via OTTO.
Steffi Graf is the face of the campaign, as you can see in the promotion video (it's in German).

(pictures and information taken from utopia.de)

24 Januar 2012

Hang Up!

 Did I tell you? I really like wearing colours. Especially during dark days of the year. 
What about you?

Oh and, you probably discovered it before me, but to make a corner look neat and you just need some nails, hooks and a hammer.
This feels much better than it was before!

Psst. It's my sister's birthday today!
Happy Birthday, dear! :*

23 Januar 2012

A Place To Swap: Netcycler

Sometimes, while browsing the net, you come across a website and you'll ask yourself: "How come that I didn't hear about it before?" Netcycler is such a site. 
It's a swap and donating service for used things. Basically you put something that you'll not longer need on the site, so someone can find it. Than you can exchange it in person or via mail with something that has been offered to you before or you just give it to the person for free.
To make this process easier Netcycler will find someone for you. You just have to list your own proposals and wishes. To increase the possibilty for a succesful exchange Netcycler will form exchange rings with three or more persons, to make sure that in the end every one is giving and receiving something. You can also use the dispatch service from Netcycler to ship your stuff.
Sounds like a good alternative to the consumption orientated lifestyle. I think it is both ecological, sustainable and money saving. 
As chance would have it on the 11th of February the first live Netcycler "Tauschmob" will take place in Wuppertal from 2 pm to 5 pm on the Kirchplatz.
You can find more information about the event on their blog and if you want to start exchanging visit the website.
Wuppertal Tauschmob Poster image

(picture taken from blog.netcycler.de)

22 Januar 2012

Living The Good Life

It's so cold that I thought I should give my pants a new try. They are a bit warmer than leggings.
Yesterday my boyfriend came to visit me and sure as hell we are having a really good time.
And yes these are my new favourite pair of trousers. The colour is great and there are sooooo comfortable!

21 Januar 2012

Style Inspiration: Bonnie Strange

So today I want you to meet someone... let's just say ... different. The person I am talking about is Bonnie Strange. She is a photographer, model, blogger, singer, songwriter, stylist and probably even more.
I've never met her in person, eventhough she is living in Berlin at the moment, but I've seen her on various blogs so far, that's why I had to check her out.
let me be your cat - strange ambition - bonnie strange

She seems to have a lot of energy and claims herself to be a anti fashion superstar. She definitely loves to change her haircolour very often and dye it in popping colours.
I can't decide if I find her disturbing or wonderful and really interesting dressed. But I'll definitley follow her to figure it out.
Check out her blog and her photography page.
mum, turned lesbian - strange ambition - bonnie strange

 (pictures taken from bonniestrange.blogspot.com and www.strangeambition.com)

20 Januar 2012

Celebrating Silvester 2011/2012 - The Actual Party

 So, I discovered that I forgot to tell you about my new years eve and sylvester. 
We started the night at my friends place with some raclette, drinking, dancing, playing Twister and chit chatting.
 (Didn't she decorate the table gorgeously?)
 My friend's outfit: the dress is from Vero Moda and the hat from Gorgeous.
 My outfit: Actually the dress is in A-line shape with sequins beneath the neckline therefor it's looking like coming from the sixties, but unfortunatley you can't really see that here. It's from Mango.
And why am I so blurred???

 After a while we went to the club Steinhaus to dance into the new year.
 Around midnight we decided to go out to enjoy some of the fireworks.

 And then we headed back to the club to dance till our feet were bleeding. ;)

 Isn't here blouse adorable? It's from "Who Killed Bambi".
 (Or till we had to make a pee break. :D)

 My beautiful sister's dress is from "Who Killed Bambi", too.

19 Januar 2012


Just wanna say: "Hi!"
It's been only two weeks since I've left Berlin, but it already feels like one or two month. Crazy!
I try to decide, which topic I should choose for my Hegel seminar paper, trying to figure Germany's climate policy out and meanwhile the whole university is discussing the future of our university and faculty. A student's life is interesting, exhausting, relaxed, boring, fun and making a bunch of new friends. I still can't believe I am actually studying. This feeling will probably last till I gave in my first seminar paper. But let me start first. :D

11 Januar 2012

Getting Back

Just have to catch up with university stuff, so there's not much time left for anything else, but as you can see I arrived savely in W. :)

04 Januar 2012

Talking Over The Christmas

 This Christmas was a special one. I spent it with my favourite cousin (on the left) and the rest of the family. Eventhough I haven't been disposed for Christmas, because it was and is so warm, it was still tranquil.
  On Christmas Eve we did Secret Santa and my sister got this gumball machine, which a lot of us "children" wanted. I kept my own present, which was alright, because no one seemed to want it.
 Over the first and second Christmas holidays we tried our presents, watched the movie "The outsiders", which I gave my father, ate a lot and talked about the stuff of my grandmother. She died last year and we have to sell her apartment, so my mother and aunt were asking us, what we would like to keep. We also apportioned her and my grandfather's jewelry. This was sad for me, because I still can't believe that she is dead and giving away her things is making it real. But on the other hand it feels good to have pieces of memory, which actually can be used.
My brother had some fun with the rings and watches from my grandfather.