21 Januar 2012

Style Inspiration: Bonnie Strange

So today I want you to meet someone... let's just say ... different. The person I am talking about is Bonnie Strange. She is a photographer, model, blogger, singer, songwriter, stylist and probably even more.
I've never met her in person, eventhough she is living in Berlin at the moment, but I've seen her on various blogs so far, that's why I had to check her out.
let me be your cat - strange ambition - bonnie strange

She seems to have a lot of energy and claims herself to be a anti fashion superstar. She definitely loves to change her haircolour very often and dye it in popping colours.
I can't decide if I find her disturbing or wonderful and really interesting dressed. But I'll definitley follow her to figure it out.
Check out her blog and her photography page.
mum, turned lesbian - strange ambition - bonnie strange

 (pictures taken from bonniestrange.blogspot.com and www.strangeambition.com)

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  1. Heya! Great post...

    Bonnie Strange is strange to say the least but thats whats so good about her! Obsessed with her blog and deserves a bit more credit for the amount that she actually does!

    Great post and blog

    Much love;