04 Januar 2012

Talking Over The Christmas

 This Christmas was a special one. I spent it with my favourite cousin (on the left) and the rest of the family. Eventhough I haven't been disposed for Christmas, because it was and is so warm, it was still tranquil.
  On Christmas Eve we did Secret Santa and my sister got this gumball machine, which a lot of us "children" wanted. I kept my own present, which was alright, because no one seemed to want it.
 Over the first and second Christmas holidays we tried our presents, watched the movie "The outsiders", which I gave my father, ate a lot and talked about the stuff of my grandmother. She died last year and we have to sell her apartment, so my mother and aunt were asking us, what we would like to keep. We also apportioned her and my grandfather's jewelry. This was sad for me, because I still can't believe that she is dead and giving away her things is making it real. But on the other hand it feels good to have pieces of memory, which actually can be used.
My brother had some fun with the rings and watches from my grandfather.

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