15 Dezember 2011

Writing Wishlists

 Do you know that? While you are writing your Christmas wishlist you can't think of anything you really want. But after you finished it all the stuff you ever really wanted is coming to your mind? 
No? At least it's the same for me every year.
Eventhough I don't want to have so much presents this year, because I just have too much things and are getting tired of possessing them, because there is something more important than owning. I wouldn't mind to have one of those clothes or accessoires from Lazy Oaf. Too bad I didn't think about it beforehand. But next year is coming fast...

Crepes With Chocolate Chips

The day befor yesterday in the evening some from our seminar met to make lactose free crepes. There is a living community in W., which owns a hob just for making crepes, and I invited myself and others  to benefit from that. We made made savoury and sweet crepes, listened to good music, drank some wine and talked a lot. It was a perfect evening and I hope that it's the beginning of a tradition. :)

14 Dezember 2011

Speaking Of Knitwear

Since I've been in Israel, every cold season the quest for a cardigan starts in my head. (Even though I didn't buy one over the last year.) Besides I discovered yesterday that I have no "normal" jumper to put on, maybe because I'd rather wear cardigans, but it would be nice to have one.
So this post is going to be about jumpers and cardigans I would like to have, but the probability of buying one of them is really low. One of the main reason is that I can't figure out, why I should pay a lot of money for something, which is made from acryl or other synthetic fibers. I don't like the feeling of them and I start to sweat really fast, while wearing them.
So in the end I will either go to a secondhand store, where I buy what pleases my eye, so that I forget to think about the fabric that much, or I will end up buying the one, which includes the most natural fibers. (Or I won't buy nothing, who knows? :D)

Having said this before, I just start with a hypothetical shopping spree through my favourite online shops and brands.

If I'd start with a jumper, one like that would attract my attention, because it looks extraordinary. 
Unfortunately I am too reasonable. It's just not a winter jumper, isn't it?

(50€ from Sparkle&Fade via urbanoutfitters.de)

The next one, which I nearly bought because it's 100 % cotton, is kind of perfect. The colour is amazing, it has an interesting pattern and it's made from pure natural fiber. I think it was just the fit, which didn't convince me. (49€ from COS via COS)

Same can be said for this one. (49€ COS via COS)

Every time I think about a jumper, I'd also like to have a jumper dress. Which I can throw over a pair of leggings or thights put on some boots and tadaaa: Instant outfit. :) This one could have been perfect, because it's long enough and made from merino wool, but the shape didn't convince me. (69€ COS via COS)

This could be another option, but it's partly acryl and the sleeves are too short. But the colour is so beautiful, isn't it? (118€ W By Carin Wester via urbanoutfitters)
 Some can be said for this one. (49,95€ H&M via H&M)

Or about this one. The sleeves are  a little bit longer, but still not long enough.
(59,95€ H&M via H&M)

This dress could definitely be perfect, I just didn't try it so far, because with 39€ it felt a little bit expensive. (from american apparel)

But let's think about cardigans:
You can find ones for all the season like this one. (55€ from Sparkle & Fade via urbanoutfitters)

Or some for cold winter days like those ones:
(72€ from Minkpink via urbanoutfitters)

(85€ from Staring at Stars via urbanoutfitters
 Or ones with aztecian patterns:
(63€ Sparkle & Fade via urbanoutfitters)
 Or some with a Norwegian pattern:
 (both via P&C)
 And the icing on top (even if it's a black one), aren't those strawberries the cutest? I fell in love with it!
 (63€ from Cooperative via urbanoutfitters)

Does someone wants to present me the yellow jumper, the second norwegian cardigan and the strawberry cardigan? I would be delighted. :)

12 Dezember 2011

Cry Baby

Today I'll give you a video overload. I don't remember if I already recommended this movie to you, even if I did it won't hurt to do it a second time.
The movie I am talking about is called "Cry Baby" directed in 1990 by John Waters. I don't want to spoil the story by telling you about it. So just watch the trailer and go watching it. It's hilarious, because it's a satire on 50s movies and musicals.

10 Dezember 2011

The Importantness Of Events For W.

You have to know there are some people, who are just complaining about missin events in W. On the other hand, there are the people, who are actually doing something like planning events, which can and are taking place in W.
Such as tonight, where I went to a Singersongwriter-Festival and it was really nice. 
The first reason of why it was a good event was, that it took place in a cafe, which was closed after the husband of the married couple, who owned the cafe, died and two new cheeper cafe opened, which the wife couldn't handle alone. It has been left in a really good state, all the original furniture is still there. So I felt like I've been taken back to my grandmother's times and going with her to a cafe in vienna. I immediately wanted to order a "Schwarzwälderkirsch Torte" (blackforest cake, which they actually sold there). It's such a good idea to revive such a beautiful place and give it some meaning again.
The second reason was that the musicians were great. I heard and saw a girl, who was like the fusion of Knives Chau and Ramona Flowers (You know, from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.). We all have a major girl crush on her now. :D She and her band(s) were fantastic and she gave me the idea for a haircut.

So whoever planned this event. Please keep doing that, you are doing absolutely great!!!

07 Dezember 2011


If you ever asked yourself how my university is looking like and what kind of crazy people are studying there you have to watch this movie. It is the result from a seminar called "online marketing" and is kind of a commercial for our university. It would be nice, if one day I'd enter the university and people would greet me like that. Must be a confusing but funny experience!

05 Dezember 2011

Music Monday: "Hearts and Flowers"

When the days are becoming really short and the nights are feeling endless, I only feel like cuddling up inside a blanket, drinking warm tea, reading good books and listening to old music. My favourite music is played by a grammophone and reminding me of old movies. One of the famous ones, which I state here as an example, is "Moon River", which reminds me of "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
The one I discovered today is "Hearts and Flowers", which is played by the Victor Orchestra conducted by Walter B. Rogers and  acoustically recorded 09.10.1908. I read about it in the short story "The Golden Honeymoon" written by Ring Lardner and immediately had the urge to find the song and listen to it. I love the cracks coming from the needle and the melancholic carrying melody. It fits to this season. I hope you enjoy it, too.

04 Dezember 2011

Celebrating Silvester 2011/2012 Second Part

Celebrating Silvester the second:

My friend Fes suggested an event, which will take place at the alexander place in the "PLAY" (Alexanderstrasse 7, 10178 Berlin). The music will come from the DJs Till Havoc & Simon Schönberg and they will play House, Elektro, R'n'B, Charts & All time favourites. You will get a Sexergy Welcome Drink (whatever that means) and Fortune Cookies for free. They also have an Open-Air-Lounge.
You can buy different tickets: 
Level1: 25,- (incl Sexergy Welcome Drink)

Level2: 75,- (incl Sexergy Welcome Drink & entrance for two persons

Level3: 250,- (incl Entrance Fee for 4 Persons, 1 l Smirnoff & Softs,VIP-Table)

Level4: 990,- (incl Entrance Fee for 12 Persons, 3 l Smirnoff & Softs, 0,75 l Moët & Chandon, Catering of your choice, Wii-Console & VIP-Séparée) 

The next option and favoured by my friend Ginger is "the biggest indoor party in the capital city Berlin", which will take place in the area of the Kulturbrauerei (an area I wrote about here). From 7pm you can see fire artists and the samba band Furiosa outdoor and at 8 pm all the clubs, concert- and partyhouses will open. You can hear "Right Now"-live at the Kesselhaus, there will be a Urban Dance Floor at the Club23, there will be a Schlager party tent (not so interesting for me :)), besides electro will be played at the SODA Club and there will be the 90s party "Move it!" in the Palais. In addition the Frannz Club, the Alte Kantine, the Maschinenhaus, the Ramba Zamba, Pool & Cigars, the Galerie im Pfedrdestall und the Moon Floor will be open.
With the ticket, which costs 29€, you will be able to
move flexibel between all the locations.

Another place I thought of is the Fritz Club:

Here is another suggestion from me, which could be my favourite even though it's just on one dancefloor, but you get sparkling wine and a buffet, celebrating in the Steinhaus.  
The specials are:
sparkling wine reception till 10 pm, a Longdrink Happy Hour from 10 to 11 pm, a rustic buffet (whatever that means), a Berliner buffet, Tequila for just 1€ the whole night, snacks for free and fire crackers for the first guests.
The music will be:
All time favourites | 80s | 90s | Pop | Schlager & Disco
The ticketprice is 10€ and 15€ at new years eve directly at the club.

02 Dezember 2011

Celebrating Silvester 2011/2012

So soon will be silvester. As we were sitting in the shushi/cocktailbar Zaza last sunday, we were discussing where to celebrate silvester this year. Of course, it should be in Berlin and this time we thought about going to a club or a bar. The big questions are: Where do we want to go and how much can or should it cost?
We thought about the Zaza bar itself, because you there will be a sushi buffet and drinks are included. They also have a DJ called Stella deStroy, so everything you would want for a successful silvester evening will be there. Just the prize is with 59€ a little bit expensive.

That's why I am going to do some research about possible places to go.

As always I discovered by chance, that the Cafe Moskau has been opened again. It's placed in the Karl-Marx Allee 34 and that there will be a new years eve silvester party called "Back in the dayz".
The motto will be: NO HOUSE, NO BULLSHIT, NO BLABLA.... So there will be 90's R'n'B, Hiphop Classics, Funk and Soul of the 70's and for the Ladies (as they say) Slowjams, Miami Base and Dancelhall Classics served by DJs Wenk & Fresh. It will cost 20€, which is ok, if you meet up at someones place to drink and eat before.

Then there will be something like a silvester festival  called "Spreesafari" at the "Alte Münze" presented by we love Berlin. They try to entice us with DJs like Lexy&K-Paul, AKA AKA or Sascha Braemer, so there will be something for everybody. Besides we could choose where to dance between three rooms, which is always good. We can choose to pay 25€ for a regular ticket or 60€ for an VIP-ticket, which will include no waiting in the line, access to the VIP-section, meet and greet with the acts, unlimited all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (included are Heineken, Mixery, water, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, apple juice, Smirnoff Vodka, Jägermeister, Captain Morgan, Whiskey), together with all long drinks made from the above-mentioned drinks.

So far those are some options. I am going to update and post more during the next days. :)

The One

 Here are better quality pictures of my new favourite skirt. How I love it! :)

01 Dezember 2011

"Life In Blue" Evzen Sobek

 As soon as it becomes December the good old "What should I buy as a present?" question pops up in my mind. One thing I would always be happy about receiving is a Photo Book.
This one shows the series "Life in Blue" from photographer Evžen Sobek. He documented life on the banks of a reservoir in the southern Czech Republic called Nové Mlýny. This manmade recreation area has become a second home to a lot of people, which are staying there in tents and caravans. It became a place where they have spent their vacations for decades. 
Sobek pitched up his tent in 2007 at this artificial lake to observe the life of the local residents. While doing this he asked himself, what the reason was for those people to spend their vacation in this "strange emptiness" - in a place, which is neither luxurious nor perfect.
To get some answers he accompanied the people during their daily spare time activities. The answer he found was that such a community could satisfy the need of living in companionship with each other, which may not be able in a city anymore.
The answer is interesting and the pictures are stunning, especially the blueness.
Monochromatic pictures or paintings have a kind of mesmerizing effect on me. It's something you don't see very often in daily life, which gives the picture a certain kind of specialness.
If you got interested you can find more information about the book here.

(pictures and information taken from http://www.geo.de/GEO/fotografie/fotogalerien/69603.html?p=1)