04 November 2010

Getting Outside

 There are still some outfits I need to post, but this weather is keeping me busy with other things. 
But whenever we can Cain and me are going outside taking pictures, buying stuff to do some DIY, making stupid things and just having fun. It's great to have a brother like him!
This time we have been at the "Sound & Drumland" in the "Kulturbrauerei". First in 1842 Heinrich Prell, an apothecary, who was running a brewery in Kreuzberg, built there storage cellars. After his death Jobst Schultheiss took over the company in 1853 and gave the brewery the still in use name "Kulturbrauerei". 
In 1864 Adolf Roesicke took over the brewery and moved the brewery from Kreuzberg to where it is today: Schönhauser Allee 39.
I love the red of the bricks and the signs on the walls, which they left there to remind you of the complex' past. Today you find there a theatre, a music store, a cinema, two clubs, etc.

(Cain took my outfit pictures and I took the rest.)

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