08 Dezember 2013

207 - Skateboard Recycling

Today the first Dawanda craft fair has been taken place in Essen in the Zeche Zollverein (which is a beautiful example how to reuse an mining industry building after stopping the mining). In Berlin such markets are taking place a lot of times during the year, such as the Trendmafia or the Holy Shit Shopping before Christmas, where my father used to take our whole family. After a while I had the impression that there were always the same designers and products, so I stopped going to such markets. That's why I enjoyed the idea of visiting a market somewhere outside of Berlin and it was real fun! :)

Me and a friend of mine (hello there, U. :)) went there today and I found a christmas present for my mother and bought those earrings from two guys from Hamburg. They take old skateboards, which cannot be used for skating anymore and turn them into new useful things. They started in 2011 with making saucers. Their label is called 207.

Now they also make eggcups, earrings, banglets and cuffbuttons. They told me that they would even make triangle shaped earrings for me, as I asked them if they could do some. 

I really like the idea that they can make something useful out of those broken skateboards and I love my new earrings. On one of them you can even see that the skateboard has been used, because the coating is a little bit shabby. I simply love that look! :)

26 November 2013

White Shirt

This white shirt is totally awesome! Bought some while ago on a jumble sale in Berlin for next to nothing. Perfection!

25 November 2013

Think About What Kind Of Fashion You Buy

This is a coverage from the German broadcaster ZDF about the working conditions of the people who produce clothes seen on Primark clothing. You can only watch it in German, but those who speak German have a look at it. It's a truth you should think about and it may affect your consume behaviour.

22 November 2013

Great Gatsby Party

Last Friday night was a Great Gatsby party at my university. I really like this style. I'd wish we could walk around like this more often.

04 November 2013

Elliphant - "Down On Life"

Listen to it, volume up and dance in slow motion! 
Have a nice week!

22 September 2013

El Milagro

 The last time I have been to Berlin I went with my father to the second Gea store in Berlin near the Savignyplatz (D-10623 Berlin, Charlottenburg, Grolmanstraße 14). That's how El Milagro from Waldviertler found it's way onto my feets and stayed there until now. (Thank you very much, Papa! :))
It's the best quality I could imagine in a shoe and it's also a really comfortable one! Besides isn't it beautiful? :)
And it is made ecologically correct and environmentally friendly. What more could you expect of a pair of shoes?

21 September 2013

How I Would Walk Around If The Weather Would Be Warmer.

 My flatmate gave me those pants. 
I think they are originally from the 90s, because she is about 7 years older than me. :)

20 September 2013

 This outfit has actually been worn outside. :)
I went with two of my flatmates to Dortmund, where we ate cakes at the vegan cafe, strolled through the city and watched "The Bling Ring". It's a crazy movie, which showed me a world that kind of interests me, but feels really far away from my life. I've never been to America, but sometimes I have the feeling I should go there to be able to have my own opinion about that country.

19 September 2013

Patterned Pants

 The other day I bought those pants! :D

18 September 2013

Free Clothes

 Sometimes I take pictures of my outfits just for fun. To capture the moment or a look even if I don't wear the clothes outside on the streets. This is one of those photos.
A friend of mine left germany to spend the term in Italy, that's why she (and she animated her sister as well) cleaned out her closet. She gave me those bags (5 !!!) and I picked the clothes I would like to keep. The rest will be getting new owners at a clothes swap party we will (hopefully) be having this term. Two of the items I kept were the skirt and this billabong hoodie jacket. 
I just love it! :)

17 September 2013

The Haircut

 The other day I got a new haircut. :)
Spent a wonderful long weekend in Berlin meeting my beloved friends. 
Sadly today it's going back.

12 September 2013

02 August 2013

People On Rooftops Are Climbing Through Windows

 From the room I live in since this term, I can climb on the roof. During mild summer evenings and mornings it is the perfect place to be.

31 Juli 2013


 It's nice to hang out with my brother and sister. Besides it is handy, because my sister likes to take pictures. These pictures were taken on a bench near the museum I currently gain some work experience at. I like that someone left some street art on it.