08 Dezember 2013

207 - Skateboard Recycling

Today the first Dawanda craft fair has been taken place in Essen in the Zeche Zollverein (which is a beautiful example how to reuse an mining industry building after stopping the mining). In Berlin such markets are taking place a lot of times during the year, such as the Trendmafia or the Holy Shit Shopping before Christmas, where my father used to take our whole family. After a while I had the impression that there were always the same designers and products, so I stopped going to such markets. That's why I enjoyed the idea of visiting a market somewhere outside of Berlin and it was real fun! :)

Me and a friend of mine (hello there, U. :)) went there today and I found a christmas present for my mother and bought those earrings from two guys from Hamburg. They take old skateboards, which cannot be used for skating anymore and turn them into new useful things. They started in 2011 with making saucers. Their label is called 207.

Now they also make eggcups, earrings, banglets and cuffbuttons. They told me that they would even make triangle shaped earrings for me, as I asked them if they could do some. 

I really like the idea that they can make something useful out of those broken skateboards and I love my new earrings. On one of them you can even see that the skateboard has been used, because the coating is a little bit shabby. I simply love that look! :)

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