30 März 2009

"Garden Girls"

Burberry Spring 2009

"Bailey called the collection "Garden Girls," and said he'd been inspired by his own garden in Yorkshire, and a Thames & Hudson book on eccentric Brits called Garden People—never types to be daunted by a bit of mud. To turn that thought into a collection, Bailey worked tints of ochers, browns, and mossy greens into a slew of fabrics, skinny cardigans, boyfriend pantsuits, and leather that looked as if it had all been treated to a good downpour."
It is amazing how Christopher Bailey interpreted and showed the trenchcoat in many different ways. But I don't know, if this collection works in any other country than Great Britain. The collection seems to be specially customised to british weather.
But I would wear it also in Germany, if I could get the money for it.

(source: style.com)

Shoe Addiction...

When I look at recent posts, it seems to me that I am shoe addicted.
So maybe it will surprise you, that this post will be about... SHOES! =D

I did some research at eBay and found those Zara ones:

Even if I am not a friend of brown, I am kind of attracted to them. Maybe because they look gorgeous?

(source: ebay.de)

27 März 2009

Bad Taste!

Todays motto was Bad Taste. Although I think it's kind of stale, it was real fun. Some dressed kind of freaky and some with real bad taste, like the cliché of a german man: white socks in sandals. I liked the individual interpretation of this motto!

(source: schuelervz.net)

If I Were A Boy...

This motto was change: woman to man, man to woman.
It was a blast, but also kind of scary, because some boys looked like drag queens(like him above) and some girls like real boys.

Would I be a good boy?

I don't know.
But I don't want to be one, because girls can
dress in more different ways than man and that is an advantage, I wouldn't want to miss!

(trousers-h&m, shirt-ebay, hoodie-zara man, boxershorts-h&m)

24 März 2009

Shopping Vintage Clothing?!

If you want to buy some vintage clothes, look at this shop.
It's from Queen Michelle and Queen Marie from Kingdom of Style and there are some nice pieces available, which they have sorted out from their wardrobes.



(source: http://kingdomofstyle.typepad.co.uk/kingdom_shop/)

Night's Out/ School's Out =D

Today motto was partying/clubbing, how ever one liked to interpret it. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, so here is only one in front of my broken mirror. But I will ask some friends, who took pictures, for more photos.

True To The Motto "Wear Your Nightdress At School"

This week is motto week at my school.
Yesterday we had to wear our pajamas to school:

(nightdress - Agnes b, dressing gown - present from my mom, pajama underpants - present from friends)

My brother took these photos again. But only because my father forced him to do it...
Don't blame him for the bad quality. The lighting is very poor these days and this is winter's fault, who rebels for the last time with snow.

20 März 2009

Outfit: It's the Beginning of Spring

(blazer-H&M, pencilskirt-american apparel, pink shirt-the killers, black shirt-primark Glasgow)

Today my brother took pictures of me. How lucky am I?
I had to argue a lot to make him do this. He says, he is annoyed of me not being pleased with oneor two pictures. But I think, it's a good way for him to learn taking good pictures, isn't it?

In an hour there will be a springconcert at my school and I'm looking forward to it. Hope, it'll befun!

And have you seen it? I am wearing my blazer right now!
There was a funny hazard, because a girl at my artclass has bought nearly the same blazer from Zara at the same weekend, as I did. I love things, which happen by chance.

18 März 2009

Basics: Black blazer

Finally found the perfect black blazer.

Have been to the Andreas Feininger - Exhibition: "New York in the Forties" and it is great! Take your chance and visit it. He is one of the greatest photographer of the 19th century.

17 März 2009

Basic Clothes:High heels, black straps, 11,5cm

Finally I find time to show my new shoes! I totally love them and have also been dancing in them through friday night. A friend of mine had bought herself high heels either, so we took the chance to break them in. It was a heaven sent opportunity and we have had a lot of fun!

Her new shoe

My new shoes

Daily outfit with new shoes (I couldn't resist =D)

14 März 2009

Perfect Sneakers?

Just searching perfect sneakers and these are my results.

ADIDAS Honey Mid Nylon




NIKE Blazer Mid Plus MTR LTH/Tweed


NIKE Court Force Low ND SAT/LTH

(source: frontlineshop.com)

12 März 2009

Ouftit Of The Day: Shoes And Tee

Don't have time... Just popping in to show you my new lady gaga tee and shoes. I got those spring/summer ones from h&m. More pics later.

10 März 2009

Eco Etsy: Free And Green!

Have you always wanted to buy something on etsy.com, but never did it? This month is your time, as long it is from ecoetsy.com.

"How it works...

When you buy from any of the participating EcoEtsy shops listed below, and provide them with the promo code "Free and Green" in the Message to Seller box during checkout, you will receive a free gift along with your purchase! Free gifts are limited to one per shop. So get your green shopping on, and enjoy some great freebies!"

So take your chance and order some wonderful pieces:

mix tape pouch - dead rock stars

I Heart Scissors Wood Necklace

Red Hills Designer Handbag

(source: ecoetsy.com)

08 März 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

Normally I wouldn't look first at hm.com for shoes, but today I saw a wonderful pair and searched for more.
This is the result:

perfect for dancingperfect for spring/summer

perfect blue

I wish I could have them all, but since I don't have too much money I have to limit the range. I would choose the blue or the spring/summer ones.
But if I could have them all, spring and summer would get awesome.

(source: hm.com)

05 März 2009

First And Most Influantial Seeing Of Fashion

As the title says is this the ad, which has influenced and inspired me much. Moreover this is the first fashion ad I was aware of and which made me want to wear fashionable clothes. So it means something to me!
It hangs in a shopwindow of a perfumery in Hessen (a state in the middle of Germany), where my grandma lives. I saw it very often, because in the village is only one main shoppingstreet, which you have to take, if you want to reach the village's end.
Not long ago I visited my grandma and I noticed that this ad is still there, although the perfumery seems to be closed (by the way it looked always closed, when I now think about it) and I was very glad about it. It seems like a sign. haha.
But it is not only the ad, but also the label, which designs for me the ultimate form of british elegance. I don't know how the label has developed, so maybe it's time for doing some research. =D

(source: scanned from fashion magazine)

03 März 2009

Street Art Creating Street Wear

As I mentioned recently I have to present a paper to my art teacher as one part of making my A-level.
My topic has to do something with street art and its developing from vandalism to acknowledged art. It is a really interesting topic, because stree tart effects our daily lifes while graffiti/stencils/poster/sticker etc can be spottet in every street of your city/village.
It is also very interesting because I get to know a great clothing brand during my research. The brand has been developed from a sticker campaign called "Andre The Giant Has A Posse" started by the street art artist Sherpard Fairey. He took a picture of a sportsman simplified it and spread it on stickers all over the world.
Here are some pictures from their ss09 collection:

This is the picture on the sticker, which got the ball rolling.

Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image

(source: obeyclothing.com)

In my opinion the collection is fresh and colourful like spring and summer and absolutly wearable, when you get about a lot in the streets. It is totally nice street wear.
So street art has been transformed into street wear(what a conclusion=D) .