30 März 2009

"Garden Girls"

Burberry Spring 2009

"Bailey called the collection "Garden Girls," and said he'd been inspired by his own garden in Yorkshire, and a Thames & Hudson book on eccentric Brits called Garden People—never types to be daunted by a bit of mud. To turn that thought into a collection, Bailey worked tints of ochers, browns, and mossy greens into a slew of fabrics, skinny cardigans, boyfriend pantsuits, and leather that looked as if it had all been treated to a good downpour."
It is amazing how Christopher Bailey interpreted and showed the trenchcoat in many different ways. But I don't know, if this collection works in any other country than Great Britain. The collection seems to be specially customised to british weather.
But I would wear it also in Germany, if I could get the money for it.

(source: style.com)

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