20 März 2009

Outfit: It's the Beginning of Spring

(blazer-H&M, pencilskirt-american apparel, pink shirt-the killers, black shirt-primark Glasgow)

Today my brother took pictures of me. How lucky am I?
I had to argue a lot to make him do this. He says, he is annoyed of me not being pleased with oneor two pictures. But I think, it's a good way for him to learn taking good pictures, isn't it?

In an hour there will be a springconcert at my school and I'm looking forward to it. Hope, it'll befun!

And have you seen it? I am wearing my blazer right now!
There was a funny hazard, because a girl at my artclass has bought nearly the same blazer from Zara at the same weekend, as I did. I love things, which happen by chance.


  1. oooh you're very lucky, indeed :-) wish my brother would oblige by taking pictures of me!

  2. Fun tee. It's great your brother is so helpful for you. :)

  3. how lucky indeed. my brother does annonying things when i asked him to photograph me. an example would be him zooming in on my nose!

    p/s; i have linked you :D