05 März 2009

First And Most Influantial Seeing Of Fashion

As the title says is this the ad, which has influenced and inspired me much. Moreover this is the first fashion ad I was aware of and which made me want to wear fashionable clothes. So it means something to me!
It hangs in a shopwindow of a perfumery in Hessen (a state in the middle of Germany), where my grandma lives. I saw it very often, because in the village is only one main shoppingstreet, which you have to take, if you want to reach the village's end.
Not long ago I visited my grandma and I noticed that this ad is still there, although the perfumery seems to be closed (by the way it looked always closed, when I now think about it) and I was very glad about it. It seems like a sign. haha.
But it is not only the ad, but also the label, which designs for me the ultimate form of british elegance. I don't know how the label has developed, so maybe it's time for doing some research. =D

(source: scanned from fashion magazine)

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