02 März 2009

Heidi Klum = rainmaker

Today I read a really interesting blogentry from iHeartBerlin.de. It deals with Heidi Klum and her profiling through "Germany's Next Topmodel".
I admit that I think the same about her and the show. The show gives her the opportunity to draw attention to herself, make money and give girls the illusion of becoming a topmodel. And that is really sad, because:

"Without even meaning to she destroys all good taste Germans have left in their brains. Perhaps I am exaggerating but I am sure that mainstream television has a big influence in the fashion taste of millions of people. So it’s more than upsetting that tasteless brands like Ed Hardy or Castro can influence so many people’s opinions just with the right amount of money."(from iHeartBerlin.de)

For those who want to read more, you can do it here. It's in English and a little bit extended in German available.

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  1. Wow haha that was.. quite a post you pointed out! haha. I mean, Heidi Klum is annoying, but not as bad as Tyra Banks. But Ed Hardy and brands like that are really =S