29 Oktober 2011

It's In The Red

Some quick snapshots before I am heading for my cousin's place. We'll spend the weekend together and are planning to have some halloween fun.

28 Oktober 2011

Sometimes I Feel The Weight Of The World

 Sometimes I feel like wearing an outfit like this:

But somehow it ended up like this:

The other day I bought those tights, because I couldn't find an all white one. Someone has any suggestions?

26 Oktober 2011

Translating German Into German

 Most of my time I spend reading these days. 
Actually, now I am on my way to a reading group we founded yesterday to help us understanging Hegel. He is quite difficult to understand, because the structure of his sentences is confusing. You have to understand the sentence first and then get the meaning behind. It's like translating a text sometimes.

25 Oktober 2011

I Am Me

Happy Socks

As I told you no more clothes till November. With one exception: SOCKS!
And if I think about socks Happy Socks comes to my mind. I don't know how I came across this label. You know how it is, you look for something and there is an interesting link, which leads to another link and from there to another page and suddenly you have found something amazing. Happy Socks is something like this.
Honestly, while enjoying to wear fashion socks never occured to me as being fashionably. I normally love my socks black or midnight blue so they fit to everything and to answer the purpose intended: warming my feets. But after looking around on the homepage, I changed my mind. I need all those socks, now!
As all beautiful things nowadays those socks are designed in Sweden. How could it be different?
They write about their history:
It all started under the cloud-ridden April sky of yet another belayed Swedish spring in 2008. A vision to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design piece. A rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftsmanship, and creativity. A philosophy brought to perfection by the Happy Socks collective of creators, most recently spotted in a 400-year-old shrieking red cottage among the cherry trees and berry bushes in a park located in the midst of Stockholm.

With 8€ per pair they maybe be a bit more expensive than the socks I normally buy. But they should be of better quality and therefor last longer.  
Just in case you are still searching for a Christmas present, don't hesitate: I wear a size 40-41. :)

24 Oktober 2011

Music Monday: Justice - "Audio, Video, Disco"

It's a bit late, but still Monday, so this is going to be another Music Monday post.

As you may have noticed "justice" (for those who don't know them: Gas­pard Augé and Xavier de Ros­nay) released their new record called "Audio, Video, Disco". Or at least tonight is the record release party. But as you can see you can listen to it already via internet. 
As you may have heard some people have been waiting for it since the release of the last and first record called "Cross" in 2007. What took the two frenchmen so long was the fact that the album consists entirely of self-played instrumentation, with no samples and that they had to learn how to play those instruments first. 

I Personally listened to the album the first and only time today and are going to listen to it more often to get to the core. Of course, it is different to "Cross", which I loved, that's why it's hard for me to see the new art work without comparing it. 
All in all, the first impression is a good one, but I have the feeling that some kind of musical climax is missing. Maybe it's too relaxed for me and I need more stress. ;) 
But before giving you some hasty opinions just listen to it by yourself and write me your comments!

This is the first single. The video is really interesting, because, as my brother mentioned, this is how you imagined them to create and record their album, isn't it?

23 Oktober 2011

The Girl Next Door

The semester started and I have to read about 300 pages already. Fortunately, most of them till November but still it's a frigthning amount.
Nevertheless I am glad, because I managed to fit some English in my timetable. Even if it's American English, which I wouldn't prefer, the professor will hopefully help me to improve my English.
Besides I've already met a girl, who went to the same grammar school with me. Isn't that crazy? I start to think the world is like a small town.
There is also a little riddle for you. Look at the background in the picture: What could be my latest purchase?

18 Oktober 2011

In The Long Run

 After getting some help I can finally live in my room. Thanks!
My sister asked me what I am doing in my free time. One of the things I do is cooking. My female flatmate is a good cook and I hope she will teach me a lot of dishes. But I am totally satisfied with eating pasta every day. :)
Besides I forbade myself to buy new clothes (maybe except socks) at least till november. Eventually I am going to wear every piece of clothing I took with me. This decision feels great.

11 Oktober 2011

One Busy Week

Kids, this week will be more busy, so don't expect too much from me.

10 Oktober 2011

Music Monday: Gotye Featuring Kimbra "Somebody That I Used To Know"

My sister brought this music video to my attention and I think it's perfect for Music Mondays. It's from Gotye featuring Kimbra. I'm amazed about the emotions they put into their singing and the genuine truth lying inside their words. 
The first time I heard and saw it, the song gave me goosebumps, because I know too well how it is to be with someone and then to lose the person completely even if it was not intended from one side. 
These days it's one of my biggest fears. Of course I am meeting a lot of new people and hopefully will become good friends with some of them. But I am afraid of losing my old friends, because of something stupid like me being too busy to get in touch or thinking they have something better to do. I don't really think that will be the case, but the possibility is always there. 

Oh, I guess I don't have to mention that they video itself is kept beautifully simple and underlines the message and the emotions very good. 

09 Oktober 2011

Climbing Forest

 Painstakingly trying to make my room nicer.
 There is a dream in my head about me wearing a jumper which is long enough to cover my bum (something like a jumper dress). Which means I can put on some leggings, throwing the jumper dress over, put on some boots and tadaaa: comfortable autumn outfit. That's why I bought this sweater in 42. But as all H&M clothes do it shrank. Now I have a wide not long enough jumper. Actually, I don't understand why the clothes don't become longer, when you add a size. They just get wider. Aren't there any tall and round people out there?

I am off to climb around in a forest. :)

A Dancers Fairy Tale

This is an photo spread from the "Fräulein" (means "miss" in English) magazine about the ballet dancer Polina Semionova. 
I wanted to share it with you, because it is very beautiful that she is actually doing something with the clothes she is wearing. In a lot of editorials you just see models standing around in clothes, in contrary to that Polina is playing with her body and the clothes she is wearing. It's like every new outfit is a new role she has to play. The result is refreshing to see.

(picture source: scanned copy from Fräulein magazine)

08 Oktober 2011

Going To Paris

 Still having fun with photobooth.

I'm Hung Up

 So, as I told you from now on you will see more personal stuff. This is my room so far. I finally unpacked most of my stuff and managed to put my clothes in my closet. I just took about half my clothes with me and therefor bought a small wardrobe. Of course it won't stay like that, I just need a hanging gaderobe.
This is my desk. Tadaah! :)
And the view from my windows. I really like those old houses especially the brick building on the left.

 Oh and it's funny that the streetlights have been hung up between the houses.