04 Oktober 2011

Music Monday On Wednesday: Seeed With "Wonderful Life"

My sister laughed about me, because I didn't know that this song is a cover. But as always Seeed is making a song their song. They just have this unmistakable sound and style.

If you don't know Seeed, inform yourself about them fast!
The band formed itself in 1998 based on the concept of the marching band. In the beginning they got known for making music with posaune and saxophon. But soon they developed a passion for computer produced songs with a lot of bass.
The band name consits of the musical direction Sub, the three initial letters of the singer's alias' (Enuff, Eased and Ear) and the Reggae direction Dub.

Actually, it's one of my favourites so far, because it slows me down and gives me room for emotions. Eventhough I get a little bit melancholic, while hearing it, as I start to think about Berlin and my left back friends. 

(information taken from the German wikipedia and translated into English)

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