09 Oktober 2011

Climbing Forest

 Painstakingly trying to make my room nicer.
 There is a dream in my head about me wearing a jumper which is long enough to cover my bum (something like a jumper dress). Which means I can put on some leggings, throwing the jumper dress over, put on some boots and tadaaa: comfortable autumn outfit. That's why I bought this sweater in 42. But as all H&M clothes do it shrank. Now I have a wide not long enough jumper. Actually, I don't understand why the clothes don't become longer, when you add a size. They just get wider. Aren't there any tall and round people out there?

I am off to climb around in a forest. :)


  1. Nicht, dass ich mich nicht über die ganzen vielen neuen Posts freuen würde....ABER BAU DOCH MAL DEIN BETT AUF! ;)

  2. Geht nicht. Hab Dübel falsch eingeschlagen und keine Zange. :)