10 Oktober 2011

Music Monday: Gotye Featuring Kimbra "Somebody That I Used To Know"

My sister brought this music video to my attention and I think it's perfect for Music Mondays. It's from Gotye featuring Kimbra. I'm amazed about the emotions they put into their singing and the genuine truth lying inside their words. 
The first time I heard and saw it, the song gave me goosebumps, because I know too well how it is to be with someone and then to lose the person completely even if it was not intended from one side. 
These days it's one of my biggest fears. Of course I am meeting a lot of new people and hopefully will become good friends with some of them. But I am afraid of losing my old friends, because of something stupid like me being too busy to get in touch or thinking they have something better to do. I don't really think that will be the case, but the possibility is always there. 

Oh, I guess I don't have to mention that they video itself is kept beautifully simple and underlines the message and the emotions very good. 

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