08 Oktober 2011

I'm Hung Up

 So, as I told you from now on you will see more personal stuff. This is my room so far. I finally unpacked most of my stuff and managed to put my clothes in my closet. I just took about half my clothes with me and therefor bought a small wardrobe. Of course it won't stay like that, I just need a hanging gaderobe.
This is my desk. Tadaah! :)
And the view from my windows. I really like those old houses especially the brick building on the left.

 Oh and it's funny that the streetlights have been hung up between the houses.


  1. Bei Ikea gibt es doch diese hängenden Fächer-Garderoben. Die wären sicherlich gut geeingnet für den Kleiderschrank

  2. Ja genau die mein ich. Ich wollte aber eine in lila haben und genau die hatten sie nicht da, als ich da war. :)