24 Oktober 2011

Music Monday: Justice - "Audio, Video, Disco"

It's a bit late, but still Monday, so this is going to be another Music Monday post.

As you may have noticed "justice" (for those who don't know them: Gas­pard Augé and Xavier de Ros­nay) released their new record called "Audio, Video, Disco". Or at least tonight is the record release party. But as you can see you can listen to it already via internet. 
As you may have heard some people have been waiting for it since the release of the last and first record called "Cross" in 2007. What took the two frenchmen so long was the fact that the album consists entirely of self-played instrumentation, with no samples and that they had to learn how to play those instruments first. 

I Personally listened to the album the first and only time today and are going to listen to it more often to get to the core. Of course, it is different to "Cross", which I loved, that's why it's hard for me to see the new art work without comparing it. 
All in all, the first impression is a good one, but I have the feeling that some kind of musical climax is missing. Maybe it's too relaxed for me and I need more stress. ;) 
But before giving you some hasty opinions just listen to it by yourself and write me your comments!

This is the first single. The video is really interesting, because, as my brother mentioned, this is how you imagined them to create and record their album, isn't it?

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