31 Juli 2009

Somebody Told Me

Today I got my new camera: Canon EOS 1000D.

AND today's my father's birthday. Happy Birthday, Papa!

My brother took the pictures of my outfit using the automatic settings. I think with manual settings the photos would look even better. Furthermore I forgot to use the right picture size, so they will look a little bit blurry.

What I wore was an oversize black and white striped men tee from H&M, a blue skinny jeans from Tally Wejl and my owl chain.
Later today we went out for some restaurant, so I paired my outfit with high heels, a white blazer and a red bag everything from H&M.

30 Juli 2009

A New Haircut Is Like A New Life

On Monday my cousin decided to get a new haircolour, because her hairline had another colour than the rest of her hair.
Besides I decided to get my hair cut and are now having bangs. =D Although it seems to me that everybody is getting their pony cut like this, I absolutly love it!
What do you think?

The first picture shows me before we were leaving for the haircutter and the second and third ones show us after our treats. Just fun pictures to show the change.

The other day (tuesday) we went to go shopping at the Alexa on Alexanderplatz. We had a nice time and my cousin found nearly everything she wanted, which was a lot by the way. The pictures show us resting for a spell after the long shopping day. In Berlin you can find everywhere places, who look like beach bars just without the sea.

I am wearing a cremewhite lace top from C&A, a denim blue balloon shorts from Inscene, straw flip flops from H&M and my favourite tourquoise bag from H&M.

Some girls asked me, where I got it. They must have thought I am old or as I would say "grown-up", because they used the formal "you" (in German: "Sie") to address me. It's always odd to be addressed like this from young people, who are just two or three years younger than me. Did I look so old in the shop?

29 Juli 2009

Having One Week Full Of Fun And Laughter

So, I have been absent for some time. My cousin Vrony from Nordrhein-Westfalen went to visit me and we had a nice time together. She took a lot of photos fortunately also some of my outfits and I am going to show them over the next few days.

Here is my first outfit:

I am wearing a grey long cardigan from Zara, an antique pink scarf from my godmother, a white long tanktop/dress from Vero Moda, black tights from H&M, a silver bag from topshop and silver-white-grey Honey Mid Nylon sneakers from adidas.

We have been to a jazz mass in a church called "Parochialkirche", where the German rapper Prinz Pi performaned. It was very nice and the church is awesome!

And this is the outfit, which I wore on the next day-sunday:

As you can guess, she is the one on the right sitting under me.

My outfit is composed of a grey long tee from H&M, a red highwaisted pencil skirt from American Apparel, a mid-calf length cardigan with bow pattern from H&M and an owl chain from topshop. This chain reminded us both of our grandfather, who collected owls and had one as his sign.

I wore it while we have been to the Mauerpark jumblesale, where we spent a lot of time. I never have been there for so long and searched so intensive. We did find some nice pieces there, which I may show you after they have been cleaned.

04 Juli 2009

Side Seeing | Der Designmarkt Am Maybachufer

(source: sideseeing-berlin.com)

Wedding Dress #4 / Common People

(source: stilinberlin.de)

Wedding Dress #4

Today I was at the Wedding Dress # 4 festival. I was kind of disappointed, because there were less exhibitor/designer than last year and the clothes looked all too similar. I didn't find one piece, which I definitely wanted to buy, but it is always nice to see so many designer together in one place.
So, if you are in berlin right now, you should definitely have a look, maybe you find it more inspiring than me.

Tomorrow I will go to the "badeschiff" celebrating my birthday with friends. Wish me good weather!

(source: http://www.arena-berlin.de/badeschiff.aspx)

Birthday Girl, It's Your Birthday, Girl!

Yesterday was my birthday and I want to show you some presents I got.
Silver adidas sneakers via frontlineshop.com from my parents and the Chloé Eau de toilet from my boyf.
Later that day, my sister and a friend gave me another bottle of the Chloé perfume, but the eau de parfum version. I thank all three of them for that nice gesture! Now I have one perfume for spring/summer and one for autmn/winter. I am feeling totally lucky right now!
Besides my brother wanted to endow me a new bycicle chain, but didn't found one he could afford. So he made one by himself with a "normal" chain, a red padlock and a seethrough garden hose. Isn't this great? I totally love it!

PUMA Flagship Store Opening 02/07/09

Thanks to motorFM I could be part of the fashion week trappings and going to the PUMA flagship store opening on thursday. I went with a dear friend of mine to the Tauentzienstr. 18 (right beside McDonalds), where we could sneak a peek of the new collection "RUDOLF DASSLER SCHUHFABRIK", drink and dance to dj sets from Hot Chip Mastermind Joe Goddard, Ladyhawke, the Broken Hearts Club and the Modular DJs.
My friend and me had a blast, but wondered why nearly all other people were so old...
At the end, we got a PUMA goodie bag, which was a little bit disappointing, because there were three pieces of paper inside. One voucher, one link to a music download (rudolfdassler.puma.com) and a book with pictures of the collection. The other guests seemed to be disappointed to because they throw the bags away. What a waste...
At 12 pm my friend and me celebrated my birthday and drove home, taking pictures with the bag on our heads. =D

Oh, and to say something about the fashion: I don't like that collection that much. There was one (women's) piece, which I liked (see picture below) and some men's pieces.