04 Juli 2009

PUMA Flagship Store Opening 02/07/09

Thanks to motorFM I could be part of the fashion week trappings and going to the PUMA flagship store opening on thursday. I went with a dear friend of mine to the Tauentzienstr. 18 (right beside McDonalds), where we could sneak a peek of the new collection "RUDOLF DASSLER SCHUHFABRIK", drink and dance to dj sets from Hot Chip Mastermind Joe Goddard, Ladyhawke, the Broken Hearts Club and the Modular DJs.
My friend and me had a blast, but wondered why nearly all other people were so old...
At the end, we got a PUMA goodie bag, which was a little bit disappointing, because there were three pieces of paper inside. One voucher, one link to a music download (rudolfdassler.puma.com) and a book with pictures of the collection. The other guests seemed to be disappointed to because they throw the bags away. What a waste...
At 12 pm my friend and me celebrated my birthday and drove home, taking pictures with the bag on our heads. =D

Oh, and to say something about the fashion: I don't like that collection that much. There was one (women's) piece, which I liked (see picture below) and some men's pieces.

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