30 Juli 2009

A New Haircut Is Like A New Life

On Monday my cousin decided to get a new haircolour, because her hairline had another colour than the rest of her hair.
Besides I decided to get my hair cut and are now having bangs. =D Although it seems to me that everybody is getting their pony cut like this, I absolutly love it!
What do you think?

The first picture shows me before we were leaving for the haircutter and the second and third ones show us after our treats. Just fun pictures to show the change.

The other day (tuesday) we went to go shopping at the Alexa on Alexanderplatz. We had a nice time and my cousin found nearly everything she wanted, which was a lot by the way. The pictures show us resting for a spell after the long shopping day. In Berlin you can find everywhere places, who look like beach bars just without the sea.

I am wearing a cremewhite lace top from C&A, a denim blue balloon shorts from Inscene, straw flip flops from H&M and my favourite tourquoise bag from H&M.

Some girls asked me, where I got it. They must have thought I am old or as I would say "grown-up", because they used the formal "you" (in German: "Sie") to address me. It's always odd to be addressed like this from young people, who are just two or three years younger than me. Did I look so old in the shop?

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