29 Juli 2009

Having One Week Full Of Fun And Laughter

So, I have been absent for some time. My cousin Vrony from Nordrhein-Westfalen went to visit me and we had a nice time together. She took a lot of photos fortunately also some of my outfits and I am going to show them over the next few days.

Here is my first outfit:

I am wearing a grey long cardigan from Zara, an antique pink scarf from my godmother, a white long tanktop/dress from Vero Moda, black tights from H&M, a silver bag from topshop and silver-white-grey Honey Mid Nylon sneakers from adidas.

We have been to a jazz mass in a church called "Parochialkirche", where the German rapper Prinz Pi performaned. It was very nice and the church is awesome!

And this is the outfit, which I wore on the next day-sunday:

As you can guess, she is the one on the right sitting under me.

My outfit is composed of a grey long tee from H&M, a red highwaisted pencil skirt from American Apparel, a mid-calf length cardigan with bow pattern from H&M and an owl chain from topshop. This chain reminded us both of our grandfather, who collected owls and had one as his sign.

I wore it while we have been to the Mauerpark jumblesale, where we spent a lot of time. I never have been there for so long and searched so intensive. We did find some nice pieces there, which I may show you after they have been cleaned.

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